WiFi Interworking/Offload GW

WiFi Interworking/Offload GW

Aricent WiFi GW is an integrated software solution for a 3G/LTE-WiFi interworking GW (SaMOG/TTG) for trusted WiFi networks. Is a carrier grade, mature, highly interoperable software framework already licensed to multiple OEM customers across globe helping them create high quality WiFi offload solutions quickly and cost effectively It complies with 3GPP R11 specifications and can scale from as low as 10 subscribers to as large as 1M+ subscriber capacity. Can run on any 32/64-bit little/big-endian processor platform running Linux on bare metal machine or virtual machine (using any hypervisor).



  • Software Features • Ability to run on any Linux 32/64-bit little/big-endian platform • Supports following Management interfaces for configuration/traps/monitoring: o ‘C’ structure APIs o Web based EMS • Multiple levels of trace types and debugging facilities. • High Availability support • Support for max 1M attached subscriber sessions • Both Linux user space and Intel-DPDK optimized Data Plane
  • Protocol Features • IPv4/IPv6 PDN Type • Support for trusted Non-3GPP access with LTE/3G Interworking • Network Based Mobility (NBM) - IP preservation shall be provided through GTP based S2a/Gn’ • User authentication support - EAP-relay between EAP/Radius (with WAP/WAC) and EAP/Diameter (with AAA server) • Session Support o Multiple Default/Dedicated bearer support o Multiple PGW/GGSN support. PGW/GGSN selection procedure using local configuration o QoS modification through AAA server
  • NFV/Cloud Features • Software solution • Dynamic scalability • Multitenant support • Addition/Management of new nodes
  • External Interface Exposed • GTP-v1u • S2a/Gn’ with PGW/GGSN • STa DIAMETER support with 3GPP AAA server • EAP over RADIUS interface (Ta) with WiFi AP/AC


NFV Service Orchestration DPDK