Wipro vEPC

Wipro vEPC

The Wipro vEPC solution acts as a starting point and can be productized by NEPs to build carrier grade vEPC. It can also act as a Test simulator for testing LTE networks and for system engineering as well. Wipro’s vEPC solution is based on the Intel Servers with Xeon Processors supporting VT-x, VT-d, DPDK and SR-IOV technologies.



  • vSGW-DP and vPGW-DP data path acceleration using Intel DPDK and SR-IOV
  • vEPC VNF instantiation and de-instantiation based on control and data plane load
  • vEPC VNF redundancy, relocation and replication to handle failure scenarios
  • Integrated with Open source components (Openstack, Opendaylight) for management and orchestration
  • Coexistence with other non-virtualized EPC network elements and networks
  • Compliant with NFV requirements and specifications


Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) DPDK