Worst Case Failure App

Worst Case Failure App

The WCF app is the next level of maturity in the Aria OMI landscape, moving from OMI 1 (Visualization) to OMI 2. WCF is usually the first proactive step in getting control of the network and making better use of network resources by providing just enough capacity to support steady state and all failure options. WCF analysis provides critical information to start managing your network. To provide reliable transport the network must be dimensioned to support, not just the steady state network utilization as a result of transporting services, but to provide resources to maintain service transport when routing traffic as a result of failure. The more accurate WCF failure can be modeled, the more efficient provision for such failures can be made. Realize a potential of a 44% increase in the ROI of your existing network by more accurately predicting network behavior under failure scenarios.



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