The YateHSS/HLR includes a Home Location Register (HLR), an Authentication Center (Auc) (2G/3G) and a Home Subscriber Server (HSS) (4G LTE). The YateHSS/HLR exports a JSON API for integration with any SIM management and CRM systems. It is capable of interconnecting with all the VLRs implemented in a GSM mobile network, with any MME from a conventional LTE network, or with the YateUCN core network server. As it is also an AuC, the YateHSS/HLR authenticates subscribers as they try to connect to the GSM, UMTS, or the LTE networks, to make phone calls, send SMSs and access mobile data. YateHSS/HLR is catered to commercial solutions for MVNOs, medium or large MNOs. YateHSS/HLR is easy to operate and manage remotely using the Yate Mobile Management Interface (MMI). The interface makes it accessible to add a new YateHSS/HLR unit, to setup a cluster of YateHSS/HLRs, to add subscribers' profiles and more. Price/instance: $31050.



  • Fully implemented in software, using commodity hardware.
    YateHSS/HLR uses the Yate-based software configured on commodity hardware, such as DellPowerEdge R430.
  • Scalable
    The YateHSS/HLR cluster architecture allows adding up to 10 YateHSS/HLR servers per cluster. You can configure new nodes as your network expands or changes technology.
  • Supports GSM, UMTS and LTE subscribers
    YateHSS/HLR has the functionalities of an HLR and HSS in a single server. It authenticates GSM, UMTS and LTE subscribers because it has the Auc included.
  • HTTP hook
    YateHSS/HLR provides JSON API over HTTP for configuration and management
  • Separate CS, PS, EPS, IMS profiles for groups of subscribers
  • Multi-operator support
  • Simultaneous support of SS7 MAP and Diameter


Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)