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What is Intel® Network Builders University?

The Intel® Network Builders University is a software defined infrastructure–focused technical training program for Intel’s end user customers and Intel® Network Builders ecosystem partners. The program was created as a resource to accelerate the adoption and deployment of virtualized technologies through education. The Intel Network Builders University comprises three learning centers: Intel® Cloud Network Builders University, Intel® Network Builders University, and Intel® Storage Network Builders University.

Intel® Cloud Network Builders University - where you can find training information on the latest technologies, practices, strategies, and solution offerings to implement or improve Cloud infrastructure deployments based on software defined infrastructure (SDI) in data centers. Content is intended for technical professionals, however the Intel Cloud Network Builders University also covers topics suitable for the non-technical audience.

Intel® Storage Network Builders University - Intel® Storage Network Builders converts mounting complexity into strategic collaborations that propel storage innovation forward. The program brings together a diverse ecosystem that resides at the heart of many workloads, from data analytics and cloud to software-defined storage, server-based storage, and converged infrastructure. The open, collaborative environment provides members the tools, resources, and support they need to push boundaries and develop next-gen storage solutions for the enterprise and cloud.

Intel® Network Builders University – a technical training program offering a broad range of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) coursework. The university includes online and face-to-face technical training to help professionals in the network industry to improve their knowledge of key Intel technologies, industry trends, and technical aspects of NFV deployments. Intel® Storage Network Builders University - designed to assist the technical professional in understanding and implementing storage solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers. Explore the latest storage topics including Intel® Technologies for Storage (Intel® Solid State Drives, SPDK, ISA-L, Intel® CAS), new storage architectures and industry trends with Intel Storage Network Builders University training materials.

Can anyone take the online courses offered?

Yes. The content is complimentary with registration on the Intel Network Builders University site. Membership in an Intel Network Builders program is not required to register or access courses. There may be a small subset of material that may be reserved for Intel Network Builders program members only. A single sign on allows users access to content across all learning centers (cloud, storage & network) with one set of login credentials.

We encourage you to see if your company is a member at the time of registration and use your company e-mail or domain address. This will grant you access to the additional benefits that the Intel Network Builders programs offer and any member-only content within the Intel Network Builders University curriculum.

Is there a cost for the training?

There is no cost for the online training that is provided. The content is complimentary with registration on the Intel Network Builders University site. The Intel Network Builders University will offer some in person training or workshops that may have costs associated with attendance or be restricted to members only.

How is the content organized?

The Intel Network Builders University has three main content domain areas (Intel Cloud Network Builders University, Intel Storage Network Builders University & Intel Network Builders University). Each University has its own landing page with a list of programs. A training program is a series of courses of varying technical depth on the same topic or relevant supporting topic. The intent is to provide a combination of general training and deep-dive technical content for each program so users can build on their knowledge at any skills level. For convenience, we have broken each course or class into chapters that range from 5-20 minutes. The chapters are designed to allow users to complete training segments with limited time allocation to fit into busy schedules. Each University page has a drop down list of the courses offered in each program so users can quickly and easily find the content they want.

Do I graduate or get a certification by completing certain courses or quizzes?

The current Intel Network Builders University is self-service training designed to improve technical acumen on emerging and innovative technologies for personal and professional growth. We do not require any specific courses or quizzes, but allow each user to determine where they want to develop new skills on through a continuous learning basis. You can test your knowledge with the offered quizzes, but we do not provide any certification or graduation program at this time.

How will we know when new content is added to the Intel Network Builders University?

Each Intel Network Builders University learning center is tied to an overarching Intel Network Builders program. The individual Intel Network Builders programs will announce new material in their newsletters and on the Intel Network Builders University page.
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How do you request additional training courses?

Your feedback is of great value to the Intel Network Builders University. Please provide any feedback related to additional course material that would provide value. You can submit ideas via e-mail here: university@networkbuilders.intel.com

How do you provide feedback on existing training courses?

The University website has a feedback link on the main landing page, as well as within each training course. You can also provide feedback by e-mail here: university@networkbuilders.intel.com. Our goal is to continually improve the program with new training content to meet the needs of our partners. We value your input, and we endeavor to use this input to provide relevant training for all of our partners.

How do I report an issue or get technical support?

We are constantly improving the Intel Network Builders University. If you encounter an issue please provide feedback to our team so we can create a better user experience for everyone. You can provide feedback by e-mail here: university@networkbuilders.intel.com. If you have difficulty with registration or login, please try changing your password first. If that doesn’t work, please contact us here: university@networkbuilders.intel.com.

Will training from Intel Network Builders ecosystem partners be included?

Partner content may be periodically incorporated based on training needs.

How is my personal information being used?

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