Aricent is the world’s #1 pure-play product engineering services firm. The company has 20-plus years of experience co-creating ambitious products with the top networking, telecom, software, semiconductor, Internet and industrial companies. The firm's 11,000-plus engineers focus exclusively on software-powered innovation for the connected world. Key investors are KKR & Co. LP and Sequoia Capital.

Aricent provides comprehensive software frameworks and product engineering services for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Our SDN and NFV offerings help network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and semiconductor vendors to optimize R&D costs and accelerate time to market for innovative SDN and NFV solutions.

SDN Solutions

Data Center Network Operating System Software for Micro Servers, Blade Systems and Top of Rack Data Centers
Aricent’s Intelligent Switching Software (ISS) has 10+ years of successful history, with over 100 clients worldwide. ISS is used by Tier 1 OEM clients to build switches and routers. It is deployed in large data centers and carrier networks.

Intel and Aricent have worked together for a long time – since 2008 and achieved many significant milestones together. Aricent was the first ISV to bring its ISS switch software on FM4000 and FM6000 series to enable low latency 10G switches. Aricent’s ISS software and Intel chipsets have powered some of the world’s first low-latency 24x10G blade switches inside the x86 blade systems.

Aricent offers a comprehensive Network Operating System solution, comprising chassis management, system startup infrastructure, portable library for OS abstraction, persistent database and hardware abstraction layer to support multiple families Intel families including FM10000, FM6000, F. The software also supports hardened L2 features including VLAN, RSTP, LACP and IGMP, scalable routing through OSPF, BGP and multicast ( PIM SM, DM) software, supports both IPv4 and IPv6. ISS management software provides SSH, SNMP and CLI interfaces. Aricent’s data center software provides DCBX, LLDP, PFC, ETS, VXLAN gateway, Ethernet VPN (eVPN) and fiber channel switch infrastructure ( NPV, NPIV Modes) and FCF functions for blade systems. Aricent ISS also enables next-generation networking through OpenFlow, NETCONF and YANG management interfaces.

As part of the partnership, Aricent’s ISS has been ported on Intel FM10000 that provides advanced Ethernet switch capabilities for NFV and data center applications. The software has two variations.

Aricent ported its software to Intel ONP 2.0 using the standard Linux netlike interfaces. It provides our clients’ an option to choose from open source or Aricent’s ISS field hardened software for control plane of switch. Another option is to use Aricent ISS integration over Intel Ethernet Switch (IES) family APIs.

Pure and Hybrid OpenFlow Switching Solution
Aricent’s pure and hybrid OpenFlow Switching Solution is an industry leading, field-proven, comprehensive Layer-2 and Layer-3 switching and routing framework, integrated with the ONF compliant OpenFlow client version 1.3.1. Aricent’s framework can be used to build hybrid and pure OpenFlow switches and routers for enterprise, transport, and datacenter networks.

Aricent's Intelligent Switch Solution