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Industry Solution Builders University

Industry Solution Builders University

Comprehensive Programs

Intel® Industry Solution Builders University is a free and publicly available educational resource for Intel partners, customers and students interested in intel technologies and digital transformation as the industry transitions to cloud and edge architectures.

Intel® Telco Cloud Academy

Intel is helping the industry power the possibilities of 5G and beyond, working alongside our customers as a trusted partner and helping them architect their networks, from core to access to edge. Intel® Telco Cloud Academy is an enhanced training program covering the continued

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Intel® Network Academy

The Intel® Network Academy is a comprehensive training program covering network transformation, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and beyond. The training is intended to assist communications service providers improve their knowledge of key

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Intel® Cloud.U

Cloud.U courses will give you in-depth knowledge of the cloud industry—the players, the components that serve as building blocks, the architectures, the services, and how they all tie together.

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Intel AI Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an everyday part of almost every business. If you aren't selling AI today, then you might be missing a huge opportunity. Learn the basics of AI to be able to recommend and sell AI solutions, including what AI is, why it is relevant now, what a

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Additional Programs

Basic Training

Courses: 5 Basic Training

Intel is providing technology that is enabling the deployment of virtualization technologies within communication service providers’ networks. The Basic Training Program provides the foundation for understanding this technology and the manner in which it is employed. This program...

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Communications Service Provider

Courses: 7 Communications Service Provider

The Communications Service Provider Program is designed to give members of the Communications Service Provider community (which includes employees as well as vendors) an overview of NFV and SDN as well as Intel’s role in the adoption and rollout of the technology. This program is...

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Intel® Smart Edge

Courses: 3 Intel® Smart Edge

Intel® Smart Edge is a portfolio of software offerings that delivers performant and optimized solutions for service innovation—on-premises and at the network edge. This portfolio helps you quickly and efficiently deploy edge-centric networks, compute capabilities, and workload...

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Network Edge

Courses: 11 Network Edge

The Network Edge program within the Intel® Industry Solution Builders University focuses on accelerating network edge solutions for both enterprises and communication service providers. As an integral part of the advancement of 5G and network transformation, the network edge...

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Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

Courses: 1 Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

The DPDK Program provides an overview of DPDK as well as a series of deep dives into different components of DPDK, installation and set-up, sample applications, testing and performance measurement as well as the Membership Library in DPDK.

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Intel Industrial

Courses: 8 Intel Industrial

Intel Industrial segment covers applications in the Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Smart Buildings and Smart Robotics areas. Industrial organizations across the globe face real challenges, from plant availability to productivity, staffing, resource scarcity, supply chain...

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IOT in Manufacturing

Courses: 10 IOT in Manufacturing

Digital transformation and the Internet of Things are driving the Industry 4.0 evolution in manufacturing, enabling unprecedented efficiency and scale. Intel’s industry experts, who draw upon research from over 500 participants and 400 companies, introduce twelve key strategies for...

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Intel® Technologies and Platforms

Courses: 22 Intel® Technologies and Platforms

The Intel® Technologies and Platforms program provides courseware related to the growing portfolio of Intel products and technologies delivering solutions to help the networking industry, including Communication Service Providers and the ecosystem, to bring advanced performance and...

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Cable Program

Courses: 2 Cable Program

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are being adopted and implemented across industries and vertical markets. The cable industry has unique challenges and requirements for adoption of these technologies. Training tailored specifically to the...

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Visual Cloud

Courses: 10 Visual Cloud

More visual content is being delivered via cloud computing every day including live streaming video and new immersive experiences like virtual reality. These new user experiences require new architectures and technologies as well as ubiquitous broadband connectivity between connected...

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Courses: 16 Security

The Security program provides overviews of multiple security focused hardware and software technologies from Intel and the open source community. The first course provides an overview of Cryptography, and it’s importance throughout history in addition to its impact in our digital...

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Courses: 2 OpenStack*

The OpenStack* program provides an overview of OpenStack*, OpenStack* Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) as well as provides an overview of Cloud IaaS with OpenStack. The OpenStack* program also includes two courses from Mirantis, a Network Builder Partner, titled "What is the Cloud"...

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Management and Orchestration

Courses: 12 Management and Orchestration

The Management & Orchestration (MANO) Program provides an overview of different MANO techniques and updates on industry initiatives. The first course introduces the importance of management and network operation on the adoption of network functions virtualization.

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Open vSwitch* (OvS*)

Courses: 4 Open vSwitch* (OvS*)

In the Open vSwitch Program, Intel experts discuss the use of virtual switching for network functions virtualization. In OvS/DPDK Introduction, learn about how Open vSwitch with DPDK enables accelerated guest access methods from members of Intel’s vSwitch Enabling team. The...

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Memory and Storage

Courses: 5 Memory and Storage

Intel is at the forefront of providing technology that is being used to enable the deployment of scale-up and scale-out storage solutions. The Memory and Storage Program provides the foundation for understanding data storage, technology, and architectures used across the data center,...

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Cloud Native

Courses: 7 Cloud Native

Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications that fully leverages the benefits of the cloud computing model to develop and utilize scalable applications in modern, dynamic cloud environments. The Cloud Native program within the Intel® Industry Solution Builders...

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Intel® Ethernet

Courses: 8 Intel® Ethernet

Intel produces high quality ethernet solution in order to help customers move data faster. With products and technologies designed to meet the network demands in this data-centric era Intel provides Ethernet products that allow the user to transport data at rates of 10, 25, 50, and...

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Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE)

Courses: 5 Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE)

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has become a significant enterprise initiative over the last few years and one of the foundational elements of these solutions is the universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) platform. This program provides an overview of the key...

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