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Edge AI

Edge AI Overview


AI innovation at the edge delivers uncharted business opportunities as it enables use cases with less latency, increased bandwidth, stronger privacy and security controls, and scalability, while also enabling real-time decision-making in a diverse range of industries.

Intel AI Portfolio

Intel AI Portfolio

AI is powering and scaling edge applications with Intel’s hardware and software portfolio across multiple industries. From computer vision to machine learning and generative AI, Intel’s vast ecosystem of partners is developing and delivering the solutions of the future.

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Intel Edge AI Certification

Intel Edge AI Certification

Take advantage of Intel’s online training course and expand your career reach with the Intel® Edge AI Certification. Designed to teach and explore the latest developer tools that are building blocks for edge AI solutions. 

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Deep dive into the latest Intel and ecosystem publications to accelerate your network and edge innovation. From reference designs and white papers to solution briefs, the Documents Library is the right to explore new solutions and technologies.

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions  

Industry leaders are working together on the creation and optimization on AI for edge applications. Intel’s vast ecosystem is working together to commercialize and monetize edge solutions with nascent AI capabilities that are built on Intel’s leading AI portfolio. Explore our Intel Partner Showcase for AI-enabled solutions.

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