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Industry Solution Builders

A vibrant ecosystem working together to accelerate digital transformation.

About Us

The Intel® Industry Solution Builders program has a mission to help communication service providers and enterprises accelerate their development and implementation time by gathering a global ecosystem to provide flexible, scalable, virtualized, and cloud native solutions for cloud, core, and edge computing.

The program connects end users with infrastructure and software vendors that are driving the latest innovation in solution development. By fostering verified and optimized solutions, Intel Industry Solution Builders simplifies and accelerates the procurement and adoption of affordable and innovative high-performance networks.

Trusted as global ecosystem, Intel Industry Solution Builders leads solution provider alignment across the industry and builds market advantage for our members through solution-centered collaborations based on Intel® architecture.

Today there are more than 645 partners and a growing number of Communication Service Providers collaborating together to meet the demands of the network.

The Intel Industry Solution Builders
Technical Enablement

Technical Enablement

The Intel Industry Solution Builders program offers technical enablement options to help our members learn, develop, and deploy faster. From hands-on support from our technical experts, to access to virtual labs and training tools; our enablement capabilities are here to guide and support your next solution deployment.

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The Importance of Cloud Native Networks

Cloud native solutions are the next generation in telco-optimized configurations that can truly deliver new paradigms like 5G and edge computing.

A cloud native approach utilizes the best practices of cloud computing delivery models to build and run applications and services. It is the natural next phase to continue the transformation of network, unlocking the potential to meet exponential demands.

The benefits to cloud native—including application agility and flexibility, faster development, and modularity—are key drivers for switching from legacy networks to fully cloud-based infrastructures.

Intel’s investments in hardware and software solutions, and open source initiatives are enabling the delivery of cloud native infrastructures and are making disaggregation, automation, resiliency, and reliability possible.

Cloud Native as the Foundation

Membership Benefits

Technical Engagement and Collaboration

Technical Engagement and Collaboration

Members receive access to a comprehensive toolset to facilitate building and optimizing virtualized and cloud native solutions based on today’s telecommunications and enterprise data center requirements. From remote lab access to technical training in the Intel Industry Solution Builders University to dedicated account support, ecosystem partners are given the needed tools to solve technical challenges and deliver their offerings into the market.

The ecosystem is also invited to participate in technical sessions in virtual and face-to-face events. These sessions cover the emerging industry topics shaping network virtualization, open standards, and performance enhancements to meet the needs of end customers and help speed the successful adoption of aligned solutions.

Business Networking and Solution Amplification

Business Networking and Solution Amplification

Members can become more knowledgeable about the latest trends in virtualized and cloud native through Intel Industry Solution Builders partner engagement opportunities. By fostering collaboration among partners to capitalize on new market opportunities, the Intel Industry Solution Builders program helps partners identify potential business engagements that will help shape the next wave of network innovation.

Ecosystem partners with commercialized solutions based on Intel architecture benefit from an array of marketing opportunities to amplify their offerings into market and accelerate adoption. From technical publications and webinars to social amplification support and industry events, Intel Industry Solution Builders has proven vehicles to reach the right audience.

Membership Application

Companies interested in becoming a member of the Intel Industry Solution Builders program are welcome to complete this membership submission form. Upon submission, an Intel representative will be in touch with more information and next steps.

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