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Build Cloud-to-Edge solutions across various industries with tools that include software development kits (SDKs) and reference implementations, optimized for Intel® architecture.


Accelerate digital transformation and unlock the power of AI and cloud computing without compromising on the security you need to stay compliant and in control when building your solutions.

Application Software

Intel provides these reference implementations and code samples to help partners deploy end-to-end industrial Edge IoT solutions.

Introducing Intel's Edge Platform for Scaling Edge AI and Application

Intel's Edge Platform is a new edge-native commercial software platform that allows you to securely develop, deploy, run, manage, and scale edge solutions and AI solutions on standard hardware with cloud-like simplicity. Built on extensive edge expertise, it's designed for the most demanding edge use cases and to accelerate edge AI development while reducing costs.

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Edge Software Hub

Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge helps partners build your edge solutions with immediate and unrestricted access to the latest edge computing hardware and software platforms from Intel.

Get started at any stage of edge development with inference applications and deep learning models.

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Edge Insights for Industrial (EII)

Enable concurrent time-series analysis and video workloads with ready-to-use containerized analytics.

Support acceleration and distribution on CPUs, GPUs, and VPUs.

Manage application services from cloud to edge with over-the-air update.

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Edge Controls for Industrial

Provides a variety of deterministic real-time operating systems.

Brings orchestration of software programmable logic controller (PLC) applications to the industrial edge with additional application management software.

Enables cloud-to-edge manageability of application services with over-the-air updates.

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EI for AMR

Develop, build, and deploy end-to-end mobile robot applications with this purpose-built, open, and modular software development kit that includes libraries, middleware, and sample applications based on the open-source ROS 2* (robot operating system).

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NetSec Software

The Intel® NetSec Accelerator Reference Design Enables Scale and Flexibility.

Speed development of efficient, high-performance networking and security solutions for the enterprise edge with this blueprint, which helps commercialize an Intel architecture-based PCIe add-in card for supporting processor intensive workloads.

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Featured Tools

Build with Tools that Work Better Together

Intel's tools are designed to help you build edge solutions across various markets. The close integration of the software components with Intel architecture ensures your solutions are easily scalable and deployable.

Intel® Geti™ Platform

Rapidly develop AI models for computer vision solutions on this software platform that allows teams can collaborate to analyze results in real time.

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FlexRAN™ Software

Build and deploy optimized 4G and 5G scalable cloud-native RAN solutions with this reference architecture using Intel architecture.

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Develop solutions that emulate human vision with this toolkit, and extend workloads across Intel hardware.

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Intel® Open Standards

Around the globe, companies are building their networks, systems, and solutions on open standards-based platforms such as Linux, Android, and others. Intel has helped set the stage for this movement, with our historic leadership in developing standards for the world’s companies to use.

Standards accelerate innovation