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Industry Solution Builders University

Membership Benefits

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University Membership Benefits

The Intel® Industry Solution Builders University, is a complimentary training resource with content on key Intel technologies, industry trends, and the technical aspects of virtualized and software-driven deployments. The goal is to deliver training that keeps Intel partners ahead of network transformation trends so they can take advantage of technology shifts quickly.

University benefits include

Benefit University Only Intel Industry Solution Builders Member
Content is FREE
Ability to Gauge Understanding by Taking a Short Quiz
Easy consumable online format
Training led by leading Intel technologists
Access to NDA content from Intel -
Single Sign On (SSO) or Application Interface (API) -
Custom curriculum paths -
Networking with Trainers/ content experts -
Hands-on deep dive training (lab activities) -

Free Content- Intel is dedicated to using University training to help drive the industry forward and is offering these materials free of charge to Intel Industry Solution Builders ecosystem members and the broader industry including universities and students.

Quizzes to Gauge Understanding- Courses can be a single video or can span multiple videos; each of which has a short, optional comprehension quiz to help student test their understanding of the content.

Easy to consume online format- The Intel Industry Solution Builders University has hundreds of courses on topics ranging from 5G and edge computing to data security, software and more. Each course is broken into easy to consume 7-15 minute videos so students can take courses in their spare time. The platform is continuously being enhanced so students have an improved experience with the ability to save, favorite or rate courses, and more.

Training led by leading Intel technologists- Most courses are taught by an Intel technology expert on the cutting edge of networking innovation. These technologists have built advanced networks or created Intel technology and are sharing their direct expertise and insights. In addition, industry expert guest presenters provide an additional teaching resource for the university.

Available to Partners and the Public

Intel Industry Solution Builders University is available to the general public who can register as an individual user here. Intel Industry Solution Builders partners can sign up as a member here, and get access to the following member-only benefits:

Access to NDA content- Content featuring new products and roadmap information is offered only to partners to help speed product integration to bring fully optimized products to market faster.

Integration with Partner Education Programs- Partners can integrate Intel Industry Solution Builders University content into their internal learning networks for easy access. Options include single sign on (SSO) to access Industry Solution Builders University content using internal company credentials, or via an application programming interface (API) to pull Industry Solution Builders University content directly into a partner’s internal learning networks.

Custom Curriculum Pathways- Intel Industry Solution Builders University offers partners the opportunity to create custom training programs for their employees on a wide variety of topics spanning networking and 5G, Cloud, AI, Acceleration and Intel technologies. This customization comes with reporting and is exclusive to partners to enhance their educational experience.

Networking with Trainers- Intel offers partners access to instructors to discuss deeper technical questions on the provided material. Additionally, partners can participate in periodic in-person training events networking opportunities.

Hand-on or deep dive labs- provide a next level of instruction to partners. This includes direct interaction with subject matter experts to ask questions and apply knowledge either in face-to-face or virtual formats.

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