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Intel® Network Builders University

Educational Resource for Intel Partners, Customers and Student

Welcome to the Intel® Network Builders University – a comprehensive network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) training program. The university includes a broad collection of online content and face-to-face technical training to help technical professionals in the network industry to improve their knowledge of key Intel® technologies, industry trends, and technical aspects of NFV deployments.

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Programs Offered

Intel® Network Builders University is a free and publicly available educational resource for Intel partners, customers and students interested in intel technologies and digital transformation as the industry transitions to cloud and edge architectures. View all University Programs offered.

Intel Network Academy

Intel Network Academy Courses: 33

The Intel® Network Academy is a comprehensive training program covering network transformation, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and beyond. The training is intended to assist communications service providers improve their knowledge of key...

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Basic Training

Basic Training Courses: 6

Intel is providing technology that is enabling the deployment of virtualization technologies within communication service providers’ networks. The Basic Training Program provides the foundation for understanding this technology and the manner in which it is employed. This program...

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Communications Service Provider

Communications Service Provider Courses: 13

The Communications Service Provider Program is designed to give members of the Communications Service Provider community (which includes employees as well as vendors) an overview of NFV and SDN as well as Intel’s role in the adoption and rollout of the technology. This program is...

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Network Edge

Network Edge Courses: 7

The Network Edge program within the Intel® Network Builders University focuses on accelerating network edge solutions for both enterprises and communication service providers. As an integral part of the advancement of 5G and network transformation, the network edge program aims to...

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Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS)

Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) Courses: 8

The Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) toolkit is designed to foster open collaboration and application innovation at the network and enterprise edge. OpenNESS is an open-source reference toolkit that enables the ecosystem to create and deploy new edge applications and...

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Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) Courses: 8

The DPDK Program provides an overview of DPDK as well as a series of deep dives into different components of DPDK, providing hands-on installation and set up as well as testing and performance measurement courses. The program starts with an introduction to DPDK (DPDK 101) as well as...

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Open vSwitch* (OvS*)

Open vSwitch* (OvS*) Courses: 4

In the Open vSwitch Program, Intel experts discuss the use of virtual switching for network functions virtualization. In OvS/DPDK Introduction, learn about how Open vSwitch with DPDK enables accelerated guest access methods from members of Intel’s vSwitch Enabling team. The...

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Management and Orchestration

Management and Orchestration Courses: 15

The Management & Orchestration (MANO) Program provides an overview of different MANO techniques and updates on industry initiatives. The first course introduces the importance of management and network operation on the adoption of network functions virtualization.

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University Benefits

Find out more about the organizations who make up our membership.

Exclusive Training Opportunities!

The Intel Network Builders University, with a wealth of training content on key Intel technologies, pertinent presentations on industry trends, and the technical aspects of NAV deployments, delivers a combination of virtual training modules and face-face technical trainings.

This dual-delivery approach supports distance learning and outreach to our global community through an easy-to-use website. It also fosters much-needed peer-to-peer engagement through in-person, hands-on workshops and technical webinars. Network Builders University is available to the general public (University), though Network Builder Partners (Partner).

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You can innovate with the Intel technologies to give you first-in-market solutions you can use to stay ahead of your competition. You gain visibility with a wide range of potential telecom, enterprise, and datacenter customers.

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Intel has a long track record of working with next-generation AI startups, putting to work over $1 billion dollars in support of new AI product innovation and technology adoption. Intel invests in innovative AI companies through Intel.

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Are you a company that utilizes Intel technology and can provide software defined networking (SDN), and network function virtualization (NFV) products, solutions, or ingredient building blocks that can be used in Telecom, Enterprise, and Datacenter markets?

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