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Intel® Network Academy

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Intel® Network Academy

The Intel® Network Academy is a comprehensive training program covering network transformation, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and beyond. The training is intended to assist communications service providers improve their knowledge of key Intel technologies, industry trends, and technical aspects of NFV deployments so they can take full advantage of network transformation. The courses are intended to be taken in order but may also be taken individually as desired.

Digital Transformation Total Courses: 6

Digital Transformation

In this module you’ll learn about all the factors driving Digital Transformation. You’ll be introduced to solutions like Network Functions Virtualization that will enable you to dynamically provision a multitude of network services to your customers in an instant.
Inside the Telco Cloud Total Courses: 7

Inside the Telco Cloud

This program will detail how Radio Access Technology is affecting the way we access the network, how through Multi-access Edge Computing you can distribute and bring services right to the consumer, and how technologies such as uCPE and SD-WAN remain relevant to enterprises.
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Total Courses: 5

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

NFV encompasses a very wide range of services, from routers and switches, to load balancers, firewalls, and even security appliances; just to name a few. This program will cover the adoption of NFV, Orchestration, Service Assurance, and Software Defined Infrastructure/Networking.
Software Defined Networking Total Courses: 2

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking, or SDN, is a suite of technologies and methodologies that help turn a static network into a highly programmable and adaptable one. In this program, you'll learn the basics of SDN, how it relates to Network Virtualization, and where it fits into the big picture of transforming the network.
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Operations Total Courses: 6

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Operations

Cloud Native design takes virtualization to the next level by encapsulating applications and services into Containers. You will learn what containers are, and how they can be deployed and managed using a variety of tools, including open source projects such as Kubernetes.
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Development Total Courses: 4

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) Development

In this module you will learn about the Data Plane Development Kit, or DPDK, as well as projects such as FD.IO. Both of which provides developers a means to take advantage of hardware features and get a jumpstart in the development of Virtual Network Functions.
Intel® Hardware and Software Benefits Total Courses: 3

Intel® Hardware and Software Benefits

In this module you will learn about Intel Hardware Ingredients, SR-IOV, and Intel® QuickAssist Technology, all of which provides developers a means to take advantage of hardware features and get a jumpstart in the development of Virtual Network Functions.