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Enabling Time-Critical Application Over 5G by “Managed Latency with L4S”

Torbjörn Sölve, Ericsson and Dominik Schnieders, Deutsche Telekom Ag

Dec 09 2022 | 57 mins

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There is an emerging interest in time-critical use cases in the areas of entertainment / multimedia, gaming, AR/VR, real-time video conferencing, vehicle to everything (V2X), teleoperated driving, and drones operated through mobile networks. These use cases require bounded low latency in conjunction with medium to high bitrates and the ability to scale across a large number of consumer devices. To meet this demand, entire networks must be optimized. Edge computing reduces transport network latency and jitter by moving data centers from the central cloud into a communication service provider’s network. In addition, 5G’s new radio (NR) network interface introduces key functional and architectural enhancements to enable time-critical services.

Still, these enhancements alone cannot fulfill the goal, and specific functionalities are needed to improve the quality of experience (QoE) for high data rate applications requiring bounded, stable, and low end-to-end latency. This calls for methods to prevent latency spikes due to queuing delays (typically caused by application data rates that are higher than what a network can serve). To fulfill latency requirements, an application must be able to adapt the bitrate to minimize the risk of increased delay while maximizing the service quality under this constraint.

In the meet-up, Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom will introduce “Managed Latency with L4S” which is a disruptive approach to provide a stable latency over mobile networks. The presentation will include:
- Time-critical use cases and their requirement for low and in particular stable latency (low jitter)
- Deep-dive into technology of Managed Latency with L4S
- Use case examples with application partners
- Information for developers how to use Managed Latency with L4S

- Torbjörn Sölve, Manager, Radio Access Technology, Ericsson
- Dominik Schnieders, Head of Edge Computing and Innovation Lead, Deutsche Telekom Ag