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Virtualized Architecture for Connectivity & Timing Distribution

Oren Benisty: EVP Strategic Sales and Motti Goren: EVP R&D Time Sync Business Unit at Silicom

Aug 22 2023 | 47 mins

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The Silicom Time Sync product line (STS) offers a cutting-edge PCIe smart NIC based on Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 with highly accurate and robust timing support. STS supports IEEE 1588 (PTP) Grand Master (GM), Boundary Clock (BC), and Slave, incorporating the best-in-class PTP stack and servo, delivering carrier-grade timing products. STS addresses a wide range of use cases, including 5G O-RAN, data centers, High-Frequency Trading, and industrial automation. Silicom will present the technology, test reports, and use cases for Time Synchronization in modern networks at the webinar.


Oren Benisty: EVP Strategic Sales, Silicom

Motti Goren: EVP R&D Time Sync Business Unit, Silicom