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Logistics automation enabled by Robotics, AI & Edge Computing

Arendai Inc

Overview of Arendai

By uniquely combining simulation, digital twin, and AI with Intel technology, Arendai delivers optimal orchestration of AMRs and heterogenous automation solutions in logistics centers.

Arendai’s solution and robust ecosystem solves urgent customer problems resulting in significant ROI improvements.


Arendai’s Harmony product delivers real-time management, control, and coordination of autonomous logistics center operations using:

Digital Twin to simulate, plan, and manage autonomous logistics center

Edge computing to enable real-time, low latency orchestration of logistics center fleet

AI to rapidly optimize driven logistics center operations

Pre-integration with partner AMRs and other robotics applications systems for rapid deployment of production ready solutions

Easy integration with enterprise systems like ERP and, WMS/WES

Leveraging Intel hardware in Compute, CV, and AI spanning from embedded solutions to the Edge and Cloud.

Harmony is critical for the scalable throughput and improved ROI of logistics operations, as it provides holistic optimization in a seamlessly integrated solution.

Harmony’s unique approach delivers these 11 steps automatically:


For a simple animation explaining Harmony’s process, click here!

Pre-Requisites (recommended system configuration/requirements to Install)

Arendai's Harmony solution enables its logistics applications to be implemented and deployed onto multiple heterogenous robotic solutions compatible with VDA 5050 and other interoperability standards.

Arendai's Harmony stack is deployable on-premise as a suite of containerized micro-services running on Intel's Smart Edge K8s cluster.

Harmony’s backend system can be deployed on just a single machine or a compute cluster for high availability. Harmony is available as a dockerized solution.

Arendai recommends integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots using ROS2 or Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Server System Requirements:

Intel® Smart Edge Open Nodes

Intel® Xeon® processor

At least 64 GB RAM

At least 256 GB hard drive

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

Usage and Examples

Harmony provides a heterogenous automation solution for warehouses, logistics centers, and an intralogistics solution for smart factories that are required to meet increasing customer expectations amidst the shortage of workers and post-pandemic norms.

Arendai collaborated with a global logistics company to design Harmony. The company provided data and access to two logistics centers facing common customer problems: manual order processing, lack of space, lack of employees, inefficient outbound processes, seasonality & volume spikes, unfulfilled orders & bottlenecks, lack of real-time orders monitoring, and no automation using robotics solutions.

Arendai’s proposed solution would implement a fleet of AMRS, autonomous forklifts, palletizing robots, and robotic arms. The solution would also include AI task scheduling algorithms, computer vision algorithms to monitor operations, predictive analytics for product replenishment and operations planning, order waiving to be Just-in-Time, and forecasting via data lake solutions.

With Harmony’s integration, these logistics centers would benefit from human-robot collaboration, easy scalability, better space utilization, quick deployment to other sites, real-time operations visibility, and saved costs of 2 full-time employees per AMR, a projected ROI within 9-18 months.

Business Value:

Single command center for AMR operations

Warehouse picking orchestrated by AI

ROI within 9-18 months

Seamless integration with WMS/WES and ERP

Sample deployment:


Warehouse Simulation:


Additional Information

Harmony is the foundation for accelerating seamless automation.

Harmony enables management of AMRs from different vendors, introduces expanded AI capabilities to AMRs using edge computing, implements digital twin for predictive maintenance and operations optimization, and creates a safe environment for AMR and human collaboration.

Harmony takes advantage of edge computing by offloading the computation-intensive tasks from AMRs to the edge with low latency.

Visit arendai.com for more information about our innovative orchestration product!

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