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Array Networks improves application availability, performance and security – optimizing traffic from any cloud or data center to any user, anywhere while minimizing cost and complexity. Proven at over 5000 customers, Array is recognized by leading cloud providers and enterprises for next-generation technology and unmatched price-performance.

Array has introduced significant forward-looking products, APIs and tools to support the shift toward the virtualized networking landscape. Moving forward, Array will continue its efforts on developing next-generation software-centric application delivery solutions for IaaS, SaaS and enterprise private clouds, allowing end customers to easily manage and adapt their virtual environments as needed. Intel architecture is the foundation for Array’s NFV and SDN-related products.


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Array application delivery controllers provide the scalability, adaptability, platform options, simplicity, manageability and price-performance that IaaS, SaaS, data centers and others need to successfully migrate to SDN and NFV architectures.

Scalability – Array ADCs provide superior Layer-7 and SSL scalability from the entry-level to the high-end. Array’s Layer-7 policy engine and SSL related features minimize reliance on scripting, ensuring that custom traffic management never impacts scalability. Adaptability – Array's software-centric SpeedCore® architecture does not rely on custom silicon; new application delivery features are rapidly adopted and deployed with full performance via Intel multi-processing technology. Platform Options – Array’s physical, virtual and virtualized appliances enable Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers to create services to meet the needs of customers in any public, private or hybrid cloud environment. SHOW MORE