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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is the number one provider of open standards based computing platforms for telecom infrastructure equipment, with the largest installed base of carrier grade ATCA systems and blades.

Our embedded computing solutions enable a wide range of applications including network optimization, policy control, bandwidth management, load balancing, deep packet inspection, LTE, media gateways, and application servers.

An outstanding track record in enabling network equipment providers to develop better products quickly, cost effectively and with less risk makes Artesyn Embedded Technologies your first choice. Our business stability, technology innovation and world-class manufacturing can significantly reduce time-to-market and help you gain a clear competitive edge.


Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a total system provider: designing and integrating chassis, switch and payload blades, and enabling software to empower system-wide support for SDN and NFV architectures. We are applying our 30+ years of hardware experience to bear on the datapath issues found in current generation systems. Our switch and flow processing solutions help minimize latency and maximize throughput in the data plane. By focusing specifically on acceleration of the data plane and combining this acceleration with high system fabric bandwidth and appropriate provisioning for cooling and power, we are helping to eliminate bottlenecks in your system performance.

And we work with a trusted ecosystem of specialist software providers to enable a complete solution tailored to your exact needs. Flexibility is at the heart of everything we do, so scaling up and scaling out for large network provisioning are considered at the design stage.



Solution Brief

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Virtual Video Transcoding in the Cloud

The increasing density and high-quality processing demands from video applications is pushing broadcast and communications networks to the limit. This paper presents the market drivers behind the need for an accelerated video cloud and discusses the implications of technologies such as OpenStack and other open source platforms in the context of a move towards SDN/NFV network architectures. Real-life example applications then give context to the performance and financial benefits outlined in the conclusion.

The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (Advanced TCA® or ATCA®) is a series of open standard computing platform specifications originally developed to meet the needs of carrier grade communications equipment. It has recently expanded its reach into scientific research, more ruggedized applications geared toward the military and aerospace industries and other industries that require high performance embedded computing. This white paper gives an introduction to the standard covering mechanical characteristics, hardware platform management, and data transport. It goes on to discuss open system management standards that have developed on top of the ATCA specification and concludes with a view to the future for ATCA.