AvidBeam Technologies

AvidBeam Technologies is a leading provider of video innovative solutions. AvidBeam solutions focus on analyzing video Big Data to extract insightful business and security information and packaging video streams to achieve the best quality of experience for AvidBeam clients.

AvidBeam's technology strengths are based on world-class development team composed of video architects, software engineers and computer scientists with proven track-record in technologies such as media streaming, videoconferencing, image processing and Big Data Analytics.

AvidBeam team has accredited history of working in multinational corporations and delivering unique solutions and products worldwide.

For more information on AvidBeam, please visit: www.avidbeam.com

AvidBeam offers a variety of services in the NFV domain: We provide integration services for virtualized network functions running on Standard High Volume servers. We are proud integrators of non-core functions such as firewall, Carrier Grade NAT, routing and deep packet inspection, DDOS, all the way to video optimization, content distribution networks and video caching all running as NFV components.
We deliver proof of concepts for virtualized network functions to operators interested to validate these functions before commercial deployment working with their network vendors and suppliers.
We deliver video packaging and optimization services such as videoconferencing solutions, video transcoding and adaptive video streaming.
AvidBeam Solutions