Axiomtek is one of the major design and manufacturing companies in the Industrial Computer & Embedded field. We are devoted to provide state-of-the-art total solutions that support users in achieving success. To meet the achievements, Axiomtek’s comprehensive product lines offer embedded board, system on module, embedded platform, network appliance, touch panel computer, medical touch computer, industrial PC and digital signage. Axiomtek is an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer and experienced designer with the ability to combine concepts and ideas with visible computing solutions. We have excellence design capability and specialize in OEM and ODM projects supported by worldwide experienced groups and international professional certificates.

Axiomtek's products are widely used in vertical markets such as, gaming, automation, transportation, self-service, networking security, healthcare, digital video surveillance, power utility and digital signage applications. Axiomtek will also continue to emphasize the value of our selling partners and customers, and will maintain strong vertical market knowledge to develop and provide more efficient OEM/ODM programs. In addition, we are committed to provide green products that are compliant with WEEE and RoHS legislation. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) complies with ISO 14001 standards.


Axiomtek is a leading network appliance platform provider, which acquire high quality, innovative product design and manufacture as well as quick service abilities. We offer standard, customized solutions and fast DMS for software partners and network product providers. We have lots of experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any DMS project a success. Customers can enjoy innovation and fast time to-market through Axiomtek’s professional engineering services. Our DMS offers product customization from custom bezels and logos to design and manufacturing of new CPU boards and systems based on your specifications. Our all-in-one network appliance platforms give customers the competitive edge they need to stand out in their respective markets.

  • Re-branding
  • We can re-brand customer’s company logo on the front bezel or packing cartons.
  • Customized Build
  • Customers can change the number of LAN ports, chassis color, and BIOS setting.
  • Manufacturing Service
  • Service scope includes system assembly and burn-in, software loading, and test.
  • New Project
  • CPU board and system design are based on customer’s specific requirements.
ODM Scheduling for Network Security Appliances