Hughes Systique

Hughes Systique is an award-winning technology solutions provider that has been instrumental in steering the digital transformation journey of its clients. With its innovative solutions and accelerators in the areas of Networking, Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, Media Streaming, IoT and Security, HSC has helped clients significantly reduce their Time-to-market, optimize their business processes and successfully adapt to the changing business landscape.

Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, USA with development centers in Gurgaon and Bengaluru, India, Hughes Systique is a leading digital transformation solutions provider with best-in-class domain experts, system architects and engineering teams.

In the networking space, HSC's offerings include (and not limited to):

SDN, NFV and cloud-based nodes Orchestration Edge computing (MEC) WiFi based network nodes Satellite engineering Messaging and telephony (IMS/SIP/VoLTE/WebRTC) VRAN/cRAN for 4G and 5G
Network Edge Resources

Software defined networking (SDN) and Network function Virtualization (NFV) are the key technologies driving the transformation of the next generation networks. There have been accelerating efforts industry-wide towards swapping traditional networking architectures with SDN/NFV based architectures– to overcome the challenges faced by carriers and enterprises – enormous demand for bandwidth, latency, scalability, reliability and vendor independence etc. Emerging technologies like IoT and MEC need SDN/NFV to deliver an agile and flexible network infrastructure, to handle varying user-demands and diverse network scenarios.

HSC provides engineering services in the following:

Adding SDN capabilities to a network –whether greenfield or brownfield Designing and developing northbound SDN applications for custom orchestration with respect to configuration, traffic engineering or QoS requirements Migrating from one SDN controller to another Augmenting legacy FCAPS (OSS/BSS) with SDN capabilities Design end to end service orchestration using MANO frameworks Evaluating VNFs and their hardware requirements based on functional and performance criterions. Performance testing, verification and validations of service-chained VNFs. Configuring and optimizing traffic steering capabilities in NFV deployments