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Indra is a technology company with projects in 140 countries and 37.000 professionals worldwide. The Telco unit of Indra operates in 15 countries, and serves the needs of 4 out of the 10 biggest global operators.

Indra has a portfolio of solutions covering the areas of Customer Centricity (Contact Center, Big Data analytics, etc.), Open Digital Ecosystem (e.g. the award winning Sophia2 IoT platform), Agile Operations (QoS diagnosis and monitoring tools such as Eye-QoS or Draco) and Service Platforms for Broadband Access (iAAA/iPCRF).

Our company is a partner of the major OSS/BSS and network equipment vendors, with more than 200 strategic alliances.

Indra is helping its clients in the transformation of OSS/BSS towards full stack solutions for convergence and simplification. Our experience in the operation of critical telco infrastructure (Datacenters in Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Perú, etc.), in the delivery of integrated service solutions and in the certification processes for end user devices and service platforms, provides us with the skills and vision to help our clients in the migration to NFV with a riskless approach.

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Radiator VNF is a true virtualised implementation of the AAA software platform with automatic scaling, load balancing, monitoring, and managing features, in addition to Radiator's extensive interfaces for integrating with operator infrastructure devices and services. Radiator VNF is developed on top of OpenStack, but it can be integrated with various other virtual infrastructure managers, thanks to its flexible management and monitoring components.


Radiator VNF platform provides RADIUS and Diameter support and it can be used also for PCRF, OCS (Online Charging System), VoWiFi/VoLTE and service provider Wi-Fi authentication, authorisation and accounting – practically anything operator and integrator wants to use it for.

Radiator VNF is available for customers with various licencing options including TPS (Transactions Per Second) and OEM licensing.

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