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iTrinegy is in the business of Application Risk Management.

We give peace of mind to all organizations deploying networked applications.


Every industry from finance to tech, defense to games, retail to healthcare is undertaking some degree of digital transformation.  Success in the digital age is all about application delivery and performance but guaranteeing this isn’t easy, especially when it comes to distributed networks that span countries or continents.   

iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks technology provides organizations a way to create real-world network conditions in which to analyze, predict and verify application performance before deploying applications into potentially challenging network environments.  The insight it provides allows businesses to effectively manage their digital products and brand, reducing deployment costs and risk, mitigating remediation expense and impact to resources at the same time as improving quality.


In an environment where the risk of a failed application launch or migration could cost revenue, brand reputation, jobs, or even lives, the effective assessment, and management of this risk should be an integral part of any development, deployment or migration process.

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iTrinegy NE-ONE Flex (NFV) Network Emulator has been designed with ease-of-use in mind and will enable you to quickly and easily recreate a wide range of realistic networks (LAN, WAN, Internet (cloud), Wi-Fi, (A)DSL, Mobile, Satellite, etc.) in order to test application performance. This range of point-to-point emulators allow you to simultaneously recreate different network links in order to understand how your applications will cope with network characteristics such as latency, jitter, restricted bandwidths and packet loss.

iTrinegy INE Flex (NFV) Network Emulator range enables you to design, simulate and share a wide range of different network topologies (Internet, Cloud, Satcom, WAN, Mobile, IoT, Fully Meshed etc.) in which to develop and test your organization's applications. Incorporating multi-user, port virtualization and scenario sharing capabilities, INE Enterprise provides significantly greater scalability & flexibility and underpins operational acceptance testing.

NE-ONE Flex (NFV) Profiler is a network reporting solution delivering analysis on network traffic, utilization and application performance through an easy-to-use web GUI across networks including LAN, WAN, Mobile and Cloud. Profiler enables you to quickly understand who is using the network, what it is being used for and how long operations take. Metrics include bandwidth usage, chattiness, bottlenecks, throughput and where an application spends most of its time.