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Netrounds offers the leading SaaS solution for distributed and instant network performance testing, monitoring and troubleshooting. You are instantly up and running tests related to IPv6, IPTV/MPEG, VoIP/SIP, MEF/Ethernet activation, L2/L3 packet mangling, automated security and much more. Netrounds scales from small lab or trial networks to large-scale carrier or enterprise IP networks with thousands of network ports.

Netrounds transforms the industry of network testing by offering a cloud-delivered, scalable and easy to use offering ready for cloud computing including OpenStack and NFV. Active and passive network measurements are provided through downloadable machine images that are easily deployed on Intel architecture x86 bare metal machines or virtualized hardware, with support for accelerated packet processing using Intel DPDK. This makes Netrounds perfectly suited for OpenStack NFV infrastructure deployments.

Thanks to instant deployment, ease of use and automation, Netrounds reduces troubleshooting times from weeks to days and cuts costs for equipment and manpower by half or more compared to traditional solutions. Netrounds' subscription-based web service enables customers to easily scale their deployments without having to worry about heavy upfront software costs, outdated hardware or staff to operate the system.

Netrounds is privately owned with offices in Boston, London, Lulea and Singapore. For more information, visit https://www.netrounds.com.

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OpenStack, NFV and SDN

Deploy Netrounds' powerful network probes as machine instances in your NFV infrastructure. Measure network characteristics and performance between your compute platforms using network connections in your SDN infrastructure.

IPv6 Validation

Validate the capability of your network infrastructure to support IPv6 prior to launch and ensure a smooth roll-out without service interruptions. Perform remote and efficient troubleshooting of IPv6, 6-to-4 or 4-to-6 problems.

Ethernet Activation

Easily validate both Ethernet data and control planes, and get standards-based reports as proof that your Ethernet connections are correctly turned up at delivery time. Netrounds offers great features for remote troubleshooting of business Ethernet services.

IPTV and Triple Play Testing and Monitoring

Visualize quality from the head-end all the way to your customers and monitor this over time. Easily pinpoint where in the network problems are occurring to reduce time and cost to solve critical issues.

L2/L3 Packet Mangling

Netrounds gives you the ability to analyze in-depth how your network affects various types of traffic on Ethernet (L2) and IP (L3). This is particularly useful to ensure correct marking and re-marking of QoS headers. This helps you verify whether a point-to-point connection has the characteristics you expect.