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OpenNebula is a simple, yet powerful and flexible turnkey open source solution to build Private Clouds and manage Data Center virtualization based on VMware, KVM, LXD and Firecracker. Its integration with AWS and Microsoft Azure offers flexibility in creating hybrid cloud infrastructures, as well as with bare-metal providers like Packet and AWS for trouble-free deployment of Edge Computing resources. And its compatibility with other open source platforms and third-party technologies like Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker and Terraform make it a versatile enterprise solution. OpenNebula’s maturity builds upon over a decade of software releases and thousands of enterprise deployments, being widely used by industry and research leaders.

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OpenNebula Key Features

For a quick, simple deployment to get OpenNebula up and running, try miniONE (on KVM or LXD) or vOneCloud (on vCenter)



White Papers

OpenNebula Marketplace: Marketplace of ready-to-use service appliances with simple, deployable services, and all the necessary packages already installed.

OpenNebula Systems: The company that supports the OpenNebula open source project and provides enterprise support and professional services.



This is an OpenNebula-driven open source project focusing on integrating simple private cloud capabilities with automated distribution on the edge resources utilizing public bare-metal resource providers.

Videos Use Cases
Online Gaming: Walk through of how to deploy a distributed OpenNebula cloud using bare-metal resources on the edge. Internet of Things (IoT): Leverage the features of AWS IoT Greengrass with simple integration of OpenNebula. Telecom: Review how a global telecom company is transforming their central office infrastructure into an edge cloud using OpenNebula.
OpenNebula Edge Cloud Datasheet

OpenNebula’s edge innovation is being funded from the SME Instrument program of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation, under grant agreement “ONEedge – A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution – 880412”

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