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PacketFront Software is a young software company with a well-proven solution. Our offering for automated multi-vendor networks was created as part of the world’s first public fiber optical network build-out in Sweden in 2001.

Our products were built to deliver true end-to-end automation in high-volume scenarios, a core characteristic that we have carried with us all the way since then. Our products are now a few generations more mature and as solid, scalable, robust and effective as ever. They enhance the agility, competitiveness and profitability of our customers by providing strong automated solutions for complex multi-vendor networks.

Our team has a wealth of experience from the planning and designing of not only networks but also operator business operations. With senior people like that in the team, our products continuously capture the evolving needs of our operator customers and their customers. We find ourselves in a trusted relationship with our customers, leaning on our expertise to make their operations more robust and efficient.

And we look forward to being your trusted advisor!

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Software Defined Networks (SDN) in combination with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is evaluated by an increasing number of carriers. This is done as a means to reduce both hardware and management costs while enabling more innovation and quicker deployment at the same time.

BECS provides Seamless legacy-to-SDN transformation thanks to its strong element management framework. SDN-controllers are handled just as easily as any other HW element. On top of that, BECS's service automation invokes virtualized services, in the same way as traditional services. This results in true co-existence of legacy and SDN/NFV networks, without having to change the northbound integration between BECS and other OSS and BSS platforms.