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Parallel Wireless is reimagining the RAN to make ANY cellular deployment as easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain as Wi-Fi. Whether for macro, rural, urban, enterprise, public safety, or M2M, Parallel Wireless vRAN solutions dramatically reduce the cost and time-to-market of building or expanding cellular networks while paving the road to 5G. Nominated for 23 awards since 2014, Parallel Wireless' technology is real-world tested and proven capable of orchestrating and simplifying any G network to enable the future HetNet vision. It uses open fully 3GPP-compliant interfaces, allows real-time network orchestration, supports new services, and reduces the time/cost to build, optimize, secure, and evolve the RAN & EPC.

The Parallel Wireless team has experience building every component of the cellular network across 2G, 3G, and 4G. For the past four years, this team has been reimagining the architecture of the cellular RAN to make deploying and maintaining any G networks (including 5G HetNets) as easy and cost-effective as Wi-Fi. For more information, please visit

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  • #TC3Summit: Parallel Wireless explains the HetNet Gateway

    The defining challenge for the next ten years is how to cost-effectively manage increasingly complex networks in order to meet subscribers' demands. Goals for much lower latency, densification, and a wide range of backhaul techniques will require service providers to not only evolve legacy networks, but also to drive down cost per bit.

    Parallel Wireless' strategy is built on the principles of Moore's Law and SDN & NFV and virtualizes key network functions with SDN capabilities on the same COTS platform. We believe that both virtualization strategies (SDN and NFV) need to co-exist for service providers to truly benefit from virtualization. This vRAN approach allows operators to cost-effectively and efficiently orchestrate the multi-vendor, multi-technology RAN in real-time while also reducing the load on the core network.

    With SDN and NFV-enabled cellular infrastructure, networks will become more flexible and elastic. By combining automation and programmability capabilities of SDN with instant-on, plug-n-play capabilities of a real-time SON (virtualized as a VNF), initial configuration and on-going resource optimization is made simpler and more hands-free; the additional benefit of self-healing capabilities from real-time SON further reduces on-going network maintenance. Because this solution makes networks self-configuring and self-optimizing, end-users also benefit from optimal QoS.

    HetNet Gateway, the world's first high-performance, NFV/SDN-based, 3GPP compliant RAN orchestrator makes cellular networks as easy to deploy, scale, and maintain as Wi-Fi.

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