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The World's First Socially Connected Security Network


RADAR is the first collaborative security platform, that connects citizens, police, and public institutions in a virtual community powered by Complex Artificial Intelligence Algorithms connected through Wi-Fi6 in a single-unique-IoT solution to bring Digital Inclusion, Digital Equity and Security for all!

All We Want is to Feel Safe!

Through Radar’s social network, we give the power back to the people. By designing a collective monitoring platform, communities can now capture proprietary data to improve their own security and, most importantly, protect their loved ones.

Monitoring commitment
Now citizens can spend time, comment, share images and video monitoring data from homes and communities with the police.

Cooperation between users, with a common goal
On average, each RADAR city account connects 500K people.
THE PERCEPTION OF SECURITY is now more important than ever.

The Best Solution
Traditional solutions, increased perception of 5 to 10%.
Cloud application solutions, increased perception 10-15%, increased fear due to hackers accessing home systems.
RADAR solution, 60% increase in security perception from the first day of use.

Corruption and crime
Crime increases with corruption. Technology and automation reduce corruption and crime rates.
The future of security is AI.
90% of the population in LATAM does not trust the police forces, this effect is increasing % every year in U.S. and Can.

Outstanding results
On average, it is possible to see a 50% reduction in crime in communities using the RADAR solution.

RADAR is already changing the security strategy in Mexico and the WORLD!

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(Integrating the primary social nucleus into security strategies).

Each family downloads RADAR APP, which connects their HOME security kit to the internet giving them total control and visualization.

Radar Home


(Connecting cities to generate data and strategy).
Kits are installed at strategic points in the city, connected to the police monitoring center to the generation of data and the continuous improvement of public services, generating connectivity for all citizens, which includes an Internet connection and a MESH WIFI 6 network.

Radar City


(Digitizing the police and connecting them with families).
All the security officers have RADAR GUARD, which allows through its mobile device to have real-time geolocation to the monitoring center and live visualization of nearby cameras during the patrol with a direct connection via chat with the citizen.

Radar Sync


(Synchronizing all elements 
in a singel platform).
Virtual monitoring tool whereby the Security monitoring station can be connected to the RADAR ecosystem and have full visibility and control over it.


Benito Juárez 2nd in Mexico Security Perception.

RADAR is already changing the security strategy in Mexico and the world
More than 5,000 kits on 2021 and counting.
Increased the rate of security’s perception in 67.8% since the system has been installed.
Mayoralty Benito Juárez ranked as the 2nd Nationally in security in Mexico.

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Ciro Gomez Leiva Interview