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Radware's family of security solutions provide integrated application and network security and security tool management for a best of breed, multi-layered security architecture. Our Attack Mitigation Systems (AMS) is the industry's first fully integrated IT security solution that protects application infrastructure in real time against network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft, Web services attacks and Web defacement

As network carriers and enterprise data centers seek to reduce CAPEX and OPEX as well as accelerate the deployment of new network/web services, these organizations are working to standardize the virtualization of their network functions through an industry standard called NFV.

The Alteon VA® for NFV, a virtual network function for network functions virtualization (NFV), helps reduce total cost of ownership for carrier's load balancing and traffic steering functions by decoupling ADC functions from dedicated underlying hardware and offering the same benefits through a highly-scalable, software-based solution.


Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of carriers and high-end enterprise data centers, Alteon VA for NFV can run on commercially off the shelf (COTS) server infrastructure and delivers the most cost effective ADC scalability – from 10 to 160Gbps of throughput capacity.

Alteon VA for NFV is fully compatible with latest Alteon physical device functionality. It delivers a breadth of layer 4-7 services, keeping up to date with Radware's latest and most advanced application delivery capabilities.

Benefits of Alteon VA for NFV (VNF/C) include:
Cost Reduction:

Ability to run ADC function on standardized hardware. Eliminates specialized hardware purchase or implementation.

Dynamic Scalability:

Seamlessly add more throughput capacity as needed by leveraging existing server infrastructure.

Advanced Carrier Functions:

Efficiently route traffic to different value added services (VAS) or monetization engines with high capacity steering functions.


Multi vCPU support, vSwitch bypass and leveraging of Intel's DPDK library.

Reduced Operational Complexity:

Faster rollout of complex applications through native integration with virtualization orchestration systems.