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Sanctum Networks

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Sanctum Networks

Sanctum Networks Ltd is a technology led company delivering innovation and engineering excellence. Our core focus is in solving the most critical challenges associated with routing within Software Defined Networks, providing unprecedented programmability at the control plane.

Our core product "Jupiter" delivers real customer benefit by resolving many of the challenges associated with both edge and access routing in the Enterprise Data Centre and Service Provider network. The ability to dispatch network applications in just four clicks of a mouse brings unprecedented control and programmability while delivering a real reduction in operational overheads.

Sanctums value proposition is further underpinned but extending our product innovation well beyond the traditional orthodox SDN thought of " control - data plane separation " but extends to a fully distributed Agent or routing engine, capable of running across the entire network on any switch, server or NIC.

Sanctum provides an easily deployable and highly secure solution for customers needing to see the real benefits of an investment in SDN and we do this by reducing network complexity, improving network efficiency and enabling our customers to truly differentiate themselves through improved Quality of Experience and enhanced SLA.


Jupiter is a resilient, highly secure routing and orchestration application based on OpenFlow architecture which has been specifically architected to enable the enterprise and service provider to optimize their networks for voice, video and unified communications. It is not opensource but a propriety application designed for High Availability (HA) and robust network security. Jupiter provides you with full visibility of your entire network topology through a control plane design, which unlike traditional SDN deployments, is both centralized as well as being fully distributed using a Jupiter Agent (JA). The JA is an intelligent light weight routing engine dispatched to any OpenFlow enabled switch, server or NIC.