Silicom Ltd. is an industry-leading provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions. Designed primarily to increase data center efficiency, Silicom’s solutions dramatically improve the throughput and availability of networking appliances and other server-based systems.

Silicom's products are used by a large and growing base of OEM customers, many of whom are market leaders, as performance-boosting solutions for their offerings in the Application Delivery, WAN Optimization, Security and other mission-critical segments within the fast-growing virtualization, cloud computing and big data markets. Silicom's product portfolio includes multi-port 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet server adapters, Intelligent Bypass solutions, Encryption accelerators and a variety of innovative Smart adapters. These products are available for incorporation directly into our OEM customers' systems, or provided as part of Silicom's patented SETAC (Server To Appliance Converter), a unique approach to the provision of high quality standard platforms with modular front connectivity.

Silicom's shares trade on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (NasdaqGM) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) under the symbol SILC.


Silicom has been offering standard and tailor-made networking products for many years.

Solutions ranging from high port density and specific form factor networking product requests to 100G line rate networking tasks offloaded to software and hardware advanced tools.

We offer our full line of products with (or without) Software and Hardware enhancements per client request and include aggressive schedule, very competitive pricing, full warranty suite, EOL protection and no NRE.

We offer advanced supply chain support schemes with leading worldwide partners for SMI/VMI.

We maintain a very demanding quality assurance directive and make sure our clients get thoroughly tested products every time.

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