SpiderCloud Wireless is the innovator behind a breakthrough scalable small cell system and services platform that allows mobile operators to deliver unprecedented cellular coverage and capacity and enable cloud services to medium and large enterprise customers, wherever there-s a LAN.

One SpiderCloud 3G/4G indoor system of up to 100 Radio Nodes is deployable by a mobile operator in just days using SON, and is proven to handle 100s of thousands of data sessions and thousands of voice calls providing reliable coverage for hundreds to thousands of employees, with the ability to scale to 1.5 million square feet with just one Services Node connection to the mobile core network. The scalable system architecture simplifies deployment and overall network configuration for mobile operators as they address pent-up demand for reliable mobile services from enterprise and large venue customers.


Several companies have built small cells that work for home and small businesses but none of these solutions scale to large buildings. End-users expect a system that provides them seamless capacity and no dropped calls when they are indoors. Building IT managers want a system that is easy to install and does not compromise the security of their network. Operators want a system that meets the expectations of their end-users, is cost-effective to deploy and is easy to manage.

SpiderCloud has built the world's first small cell system that actually works for large buildings. To do so, it has developed technology that no other small cell supplier can offer. SpiderCloud's 3G small cell RAN system has been commercially available since 2011 and has been deployed by major operators. SpiderCloud is now extending its system to include 3G and LTE to offer a scalable, multi-access, small cell system to operators.

E-RAN for Enterprise Video : http://youtu.be/-kt6gGiNNPA

SpiderCloud Scalable Small Cell System