Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of availability solutions that bring seamless fault tolerance to every application without requiring code changes.

Stratus’ Software Defined Availability (SDA) moves fault management, state protection and automatic failover from the applications to software infrastructure - without application code change. Fault management includes fault detection, localization, isolation, recovery and repair. This means any application can be deployed with high resiliency on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware in any network, without the complexity and time consuming efforts required to modify and test every application.

Whether an application is deployed in a Cloud environment or just simply virtualized, Stratus can make your application fault tolerant instantaneously and without code change!

everRun software is applicable for a virtualized infrastructure that is not yet “cloudy”. This product provides seamless Fault Management with state protection for all KVM-based applications. everRun enables every application to live on two virtual machines simultaneously — one on each physical server. If one VM fails, the application continues to run on the other VM and the processing is automatically switched over, with no interruptions or data loss.

Stratus FT-Cloud is designed for an OpenStack environment and leverages the same proven technology in the everRun product. Beyond Seamless fault tolerance with geo-redundancy state protection, this solution also supports multiple levels of resiliency so that control elements and forwarding elements, for example, may have different levels of redundancy and state protection. It integrates southbound with OpenStack’s HEAT and northbound with other orchestrators and OSS systems.

Stratus 24/7/365 Customer Support Provides Superior Levels of Availability
Preventing your most important applications from downtime is what Stratus does best. That’s why we built support right into the center of solutions.

Layered over the unique system architecture of our platform solutions is software that continuously monitors the status and health of your Stratus environment. Using a real-time connection to Stratus’ 24/7/365 global support team, your system continuously notifies us of the status of hundreds of critical conditions. In the event of a potential problem, your system will self-heal, ask for remote analysis, or utilize our architecture’s fault-tolerant features to eliminate failing modules without interruption.

Our software solutions leverage these same built-in serviceability principles, monitoring your x86 server pair, host software and network for more than 150 critical operating conditions. If a fault is detected, applications are automatically migrated to the other node — without any impact to performance or loss of data.