UBiqube streamlines the System Integration and Process Automation journey for digital infrastructure.

MSActivator, our programmable orchestration software, spans Cloud, Network, Security and IoT domains. It eliminates the ‘Integration’ pain through highly abstracted modeling, removing the main obstacle in multidomain IT infrastructure Automation.

Headquartered in Dublin (Ireland) UBiqube has global presence and an expanding ecosystem of certified System Integrators building smart infrastructure for SmartWorld projects (SmartCities, Industry 4.0, etc).


At UBiqube we believe that a Holistic Multi-Domain Orchestration Strategy must be used to automate Security related Processes. Accelerating convergence of different technologies such as Cloud, 5G, IoT and Edge makes it costly, inefficient and unsafe to continue treating security processes separately. Automation of IT network, computing and storage infrastructure is a fundamental part of digital transformation and so it is natural to embrace SOAR to automate IT security processes. However, for SOAR to emerge as a comprehensive solution for the future, it will have to integrate remediation scenarios that cross many domains, such as Cloud, IoT and 5G. In other words, SOAR needs to be part of, and not separate from, technology convergence. This is what we advocate at UBiqube. We call it I-SOAR, for ‘Integrated SOAR’.


We have developed an ‘abstracted’ activation layer that makes it easy for trained engineers to create adaptors for each and every vendor and system a process could call. This frees the ‘Automation process’ designer to implement any remediation scenario across security and non-security domains without limitations from any infrastructure or a specific vendor. This paves the way for new DevSecOps best practices with greater automation, lower costs and most importantly, greater security! Abstraction is at the core of MSActivator, which provides both a full security orchestration and automation environment as well as documented APIs for integration with other tools. Developers with different expertise can focus on the different areas of business process automation and system integration to deliver a single automation solution for their IT environment and with full vendor neutrality.