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Veryx Technologies

Veryx Technologies

While the benefits of Cloud, NFV and SDN are alluring, enterprises and service providers who utilize these capabilities need to be assured of the functionality and performance of these fast emerging networking models being offered by the vendor community. This necessitates specialized testing of networks supporting Cloud, NFV and SDN to ensure that the performance expectations are met in a consistent manner.

Veryx Technologies, a provider of innovative testing, automation and visibility solutions offers comprehensive and flexible testing solutions that determine the functionality and performance of Cloud, NFV and SDN based networks in the way they are being designed and deployed keeping the future in view - often using a combination of software and components from open-source and multiple vendors.

Veryx also offers solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing applications for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud and Smart Networks. Veryx's long standing testing expertise in the communications industry combined with its focus on the latest technology standards enables customers achieve significant enhancement of their product quality and testing efficiency, with simultaneous reduction on investments.


NFV Performance Testing and Visibility

Veryx SAMTEST for NFV supports verification and visibility for NFV environments.

It addresses various aspects of NFV performance management – from NFV architecture benchmarking in lab, pre-deployment verification in the field, NFV based service activation, monitoring, on-demand measurements and troubleshooting:

Layer 2 - MEF CE 2.0, Y.1564, RFC 2544, Y.1731 Layer 3 - TWAMP Layer 4 - TCP Benchmarking (RFC 6349) and Layer 7 - HTTP, VoIP and Video on Demand.

It consists of the following software components:

vProbes (test probes as VNFs) for active testing: They can be spun-up on commercial off the shelf (COTS) x86-based servers, or as virtualized test functions on virtualization capable network elements including switches, routers and demarcations devices. vTAPs (virtual TAPs) for visibility: These are lightweight pluggable software that support monitoring of both east-west and north-south traffic of VNFs. Thus by providing granular traffic visibility in virtual network infrastructure, they ease identification and isolation of potential network issues.


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