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VizuaMatix is a leading provider of world-class enterprise solutions for the telco and finance industries. Driven by the passion for creating innovative, state-of-the-art technology, VizuaMatix’s professional and highly skilled team produces avant-garde solutions to help businesses stay relevant, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Operating on the cutting edge of technology, VizuaMatix provides innovative network solutions to the telco sector. With over a decade of proven success, VizuaMatix’s telco product range provide a revolutionary approach for the communication service providers (CSPs), allowing them to deliver the highest level of service innovation to customers.

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This innovative product, vxSafenet, is a powerful network-level parental control solution which allows the telecom operators to effectively deliver child friendly fixed and mobile broadband service to households. Using a highly accurate and up-to-date URL database with over 109 million categorized URLs, the vxSafenet has become a must have platform for telcos to attract ever growing child users into their network. This 3GPP compliant platform is packed with telco-grade ADC, PCF, OSS, BSS and Analytics modules and comes with an intuitive mobile application which can be branded for the telecom operator.
Imagine if your product managers could see a holistic view on how individual subscribers buy packs and the trends of activations and deactivations. What if they could see how a new pack/offer could affect your bottom-line based on the real-time data? Such information is vital for rapid creation of new packs/offers and targeting them for niche customer segments. This can give your business a whole new perspective on how you do your business and respond to competition.
vxOPS helps you to quick launch highly personalized offers for different customer segments and increase the ARPU, effectively.
vxAnalytics is a powerful end-to-end data analytics platform that offers sub-second queries against billions of data records. Purpose-built using modern, high-performing cluster computing tools and frameworks, it delivers highly efficient, advanced analytics, visualizing your big data and making it actionable and profitable.
We have the complete solution for business intelligence supported by modern, highly scalable Data Warehousing based on big data technologies.
vxFRMS is a financial risk management system which can assist all levels of management overseeing their risk segments of the bank effectively and proactively by providing early warning signals (EWS) of speculative financial sectors, operational regions and branches, and individual customers. vxFRMS utilises machine learning to analyse the customer behaviour and predict NPA probability of borrowers with a remarkably high accuracy.