Enhanced Platform Awareness

Intel provides many ingredients and features to create highly performant and efficient systems and NFV solutions. In order to efficiently utilize the underlying platform capabilities, Intel has created several example solutions, whitepapers and demos. This page includes all the collateral to cover Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) and associated Intel Infrastructure and ingredients. Intel aims to keep this page up to date with new collateral as it becomes available.

Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) represents a methodology and a related suite of changes across multiple layers of the orchestration stack targeting intelligent platform capability, configuration & capacity consumption. EPA features include Huge Pages support, NUMA topology awareness, CPU pinning, integration with OVS-DPDK, support for I/O Pass-through via SR-IOV, and many others.

So why should you consider using EPA? To achieve the optimal performance and efficiency characteristics, EPA extensions to Data Models, Orchestrators and VIMs facilitates Automation of advanced selection of capabilities and tuning parameters during the deployment of NFV solutions. EPA also enables service providers to offer differentiating and/or revenue generating services that require leveraging of specific hardware features.

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