Why Join Intel® Network Builders?

Are you a company that utilizes Intel technology and can provide software defined networking (SDN), and network function virtualization (NFV) products, solutions, or ingredient building blocks that can be used in Telecom, Enterprise, and Datacenter markets?

Here’s why you should join Intel® Network Builders:

Your solution will be included in this valuable online resource that provides a quick and easy way for potential customers to see all your capabilities.

You gain visibility with a wide range of potential telecom, enterprise, and datacenter customers.

You help your customers shorten their time to deployment.

You can innovate with the Intel technologies to give you first-in-market solutions you can use to stay ahead of your competition.

Steps to join the program:

Step 1 - Fill out and submit an application to join the program.

Step 2 - Once the application is accepted, provide corporate and product information that will be used to create a microsite for each participant

Expectations for participation and engagement

Any company that utilizes Intel technology and provides solutions or ingredient building blocks to develop, deliver, and deploy software defined networking, and network function virtualization products or solutions can join Intel® Network Builders.

If you are accepted into the program, you will be invited to provide corporate and product information that will be used to create a microsite for each participant. You will have the option to save your work-in-progress and return at a later time to complete your answers before publishing.

In addition to completing the initial questionnaire, the Intel® Network Builders program requires that your organization’s information and primary contact are accurate on our website. You should log in at least once every six months to update overview descriptions and resource links. It is also important that we have the correct primary contact for timely communication needs.

As a member of the program you are invited to:

  • Collaborate to create a reference architecture to prove and substantiate SDN, and NFV usage models.
    • A reference architecture is a recipe or a solution building block or ingredient that can be used in a software defined infrastructure deployment.
    • A reference architecture should highlight a key usage model for SDN, or NFV; be based on Intel® Architecture; and use one or more key Intel technologies or software ingredients.
  • Participate in co-marketing activities to promote the reference architecture via the Intel Network Builders program.

Become a Member – Basic Information and Terms

If you needed to apply to be an End User, please fill out theEnd User application. If you needed to apply to be a member of the Network Edge Ecosystem, Please fill out theNetwork Edge application.

If you enroll in any of the Intel® Builders University course, your name, email address, course title, and course registration date will be provided to your employer.

You agree that Intel Corporation ("Intel") may, but is not obligated to, use, on a royalty-free basis, your company name and logo on the Intel® Builders website and in Intel® Builders programs such as, without limitation, in webinars, collateral (solution blueprints, solution briefs, case studies, proof of concepts), events, and other Intel® Builders' programming to promote your company and the program. Additionally, you agree that Intel may, but is not obligated to, use, on a royalty-free basis, your company name and logo at public events to demonstrate your participation in the Intel® Builders program. By clicking "Submit" you are warranting that you are officially authorized to provide your company's logo for use in the Intel® Builders program as described in these terms. Your personal information will only be used by program administrators to communicate with you directly about the program.

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