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Can You Easily Deploy & Scale Your Secure Access Service Edge?

Jeff Sharpe at Supermicro and Michael Heffner at Adtran

Apr 02 2024 | 68 mins

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The success of enterprise edge services such as analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), network as a service (NaaS), and Internet of Things (IoT), requires a solution that has high performance, low latency, security, and standalone resiliency. These types of edge services are typically poorly served by centralized cloud offerings mostly because of high transport latency, data egress costs, and security inefficiencies.

Instead, enterprise success will be driven by next gen solutions specifically designed for enterprise edge use cases and requirements.

In this webinar, Supermicro and Adtran will show you why enterprises should look for a solution that integrates best-in-class servers, scalable processors, network security acceleration, an edge cloud operating system, management & orchestration, and embraces an open architecture for multiple SASE software application providers.

Join us to learn how you can deliver next gen SASE workloads that:

• Leverage edge servers with exceptional performance per watt to drive down the total cost of ownership

• Can transparently be deployed at a network edge point of presence or on customer premises locations with the ability to scale to meet multiple customer demands

• Are orchestrated and instantiated as either virtual network functions (VNFs) or cloud native network functions (CNFs)

Walk away from the webinar knowing how you can successfully deploy and scale an integrated solution for all your customer’s requirements for SASE workloads.


- Jeff Sharpe, Senior Director of 5G/IoT Edge AI Solutions at Supermicro

- Michael Heffner, GM of Business Solutions at Adtran