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Cybersecure Private 5G In-A-Box for Edge Deployments

Robert Haag at Trenton, Subbu Srinivasan at Zscaler, and Yazz Krdzalic at ECS

May 07 2024 | 62 mins

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Edge-ready performance, rapid deployment, and zero trust security with the power of 5G for responsive decision-making in the field. Cybersecurity across hardware, firmware, software, and network layers leaves no room for compromise. Certified to the most stringent standards to operate in harsh environments.


- Robert Haag, Chief Commercial Officer at Trenton Systems

- Subramanian 'Subbu' Srinivasan, Senior Director Of Engineering - Emerging Technology at Zscaler

- Yazz Krdzalic, VP of Market Development at ECS

Presenter Bios:

- Robert Haag is responsible for working across the company to help position Trenton Systems for accelerated business growth. With his background in strategic planning and partnerships, sales, engineering, operations, and marketing, he is an invaluable asset to Trenton’s executive leadership team, led by experienced professionals focused on the company’s continued customer and business expansion.

- Subramanian 'Subbu' Srinivasan is Senior Director Of Engineering - Emerging Technology at Zscaler, currently responsible for delivery of products for securing 5G ecosystem. Previous stint was co founder and director of engineering for the zero trust based ZPA product line. Subbu holds a master’s degrees in computer engineering, been in cyber security products for last 25 years.

- Yazz Krdzalic is an accomplished professional known for integrating cutting-edge technologies into comprehensive solutions across commercial, industrial, and defense sectors. Specializing in cybersecure private 5G solutions, Yazz led the development of an acclaimed integrated edge solution. Now leading market development at Equus Compute Solutions, Yazz drives innovation in high-performance computing, telecom/5G, AI/ML, and advanced cooling solutions, aligning with the company's vision of empowering businesses with state-of-the-art technologies.