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How to Build Scalable and Sustainable Enterprise Networks

Iris Finkelstein-Sagi at Telco Systems, Charo Sanchez at Advantech, Brian Menezes at CityFibre and Horst H. Katter at Intel

Sep 12 2023 | 58 mins

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Modern enterprise networks demand greater agility to support the growing number of remote employees and connected devices while meeting sustainability and TCO objectives. Virtual and software defined networks are leading this transformation enabling service providers with a powerful tool to meet dynamic enterprise customers’ needs. In this webinar, Telco Systems and Advantech will present a flexible network infrastructure solution that streamlines the delivery of virtualized networking and security services such as SD-WAN and Next Generation Firewall. The webinar will also feature CityFibre, UK’s largest open access, fibre only operator, who selected this open hybrid edge compute platform to efficiently deploy, manage, and operate hundreds of thousands of customer edge devices and a multitude of virtual services at scale across multiple sites, supporting throughput levels up to 10Gbps, from a central location. Telco Systems Edgility’s small footprint operating system is able to highly efficiently run multiple virtual services on CityFibre’s choice of Advantech low-power-consumption edge device, which is expected to deliver significant carbon reduction as well as a 60% lower total cost of ownership compared to existing solutions over a 4-year period.


- Horst H. Katter, Sales Manager of EMEA CTO Office at Intel

- Iris Finkelstein-Sagi, Chief Marketing Officer at Telco Systems

- Charo Sanchez, Global Alliances Manager at Advantech

- Brian Menezes, Network Architect at CityFibre