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Network Edge Transformation using Intel® NetSec Accelerator Reference Design

Michael Heffner at Adtran, Keyur Patel at Arrcus, Subramanian (Subbu) Srinivasan at Zscaler, and Sarabjit Gosal at Intel

Nov 14 2023 | 60 mins

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5G, variation of device types, transports devices use, users and devices connecting from anywhere are well documented challenges that continuously drive enterprise network edge transformation. At the same time the transformation seeks new possibilities of new technologies and new use case requirements. Network security solution providers are delivering innovative solutions incorporating zero trust architecture and tailoring solutions that are deployed on-prem, at the edge and in the cloud with specific industry use case requirements in mind. As more workloads are deployed at the edge and the needs to protect them expand, Intel has delivered Intel® NetSec Accelerator Reference Design for network security solution providers to accelerate integration and delivery of solutions at the edge. This webinar discusses Intel® NetSec Accelerator Reference Design and its features and capabilities, as well as leading network security solutions deployed using the technology where the solutions address today's complex and dynamic security requirements and use cases.


- Sarabjit Gosal, Senior Director at Intel NEX Group


- Michael Heffner, GM at Adtran Business Solutions

- Keyur Patel, Founder and CTO at Arrcus Inc.

- Subramanian (Subbu) Srinivasan is Senior Director of Engineering & Innovation at Zscaler