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Opportunities & Challenges for AI-based Services at the Edge

Sunku Ranganath, Global Solutions Architect, Intel and Hassnaa Moustafa, Principal Engineer, Intel

Sep 14 2022 | 71 mins

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Edge Computing environment has become one of the foundational elements differentiating services and business potential at the Edge. Trends and analysis show that 75% of the data will be created outside the central data centers by 2025. Is Edge computing prepared for such a deluge of data with AI? What are the challenges for Edge Computing to intelligently sift through the data to unlock the hidden potential of data for various IoT use cases and wireless access networks?

This talk highlights opportunities and challenges for AI services at the Edge. It gives examples for Edge solutions using Intel® Smart Edge coupled with Intel AI SW frameworks. The talk will address:
• Common challenges to deploying AI at the Edge
• Open MEC platforms to enable building edge solutions using AI
• Examples of solutions across various IoT verticals
• Turn-key solutions to provide reference solutions addressing challenges across these verticals
• Intel software frameworks and tools for AI
• AI in wireless networks at the Edge
• Hardware accelerators for optimal AI processing on IA

- Sunku Ranganath, Global Solutions Architect, Intel
- Hassnaa Moustafa, Principal Engineer, Intel