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Pioneering Open vRAN with Mavenir software and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Mar 19 2024 | 51 mins

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The radio access network (RAN) is the bulk of a mobile network operator’s (MNO’s) network investment, and its performance and functionality are critical to successful service delivery and innovation.

Before Open RAN, MNOs built their RAN with proprietary and specialized systems that offered no widespread interoperability, thus resulting in inflexibility and high costs. Open RAN provided a new way to build the network by disaggregating the BBU, virtualizing the network functions, and replacing proprietary hardware with open Intel® architecture CPU-based servers. Industry standards for interfaces created interoperability that allowed MNOs to mix-and-match network functions for the best of breed solution.

Mavenir is pioneering Open vRAN software that is cloud native and with fully containerized microservices allowing it to be deployed easily with Intel® architecture CPUs on private, hybrid or public clouds. This talk presents the evolution of Mavenir’s Open vRAN solution leveraging various generations of 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors to deliver high network and user performance, energy savings features, expanded RAN capacity, and paving the way for AI/ML powered SLAs.


Kamakshi Sridhar, PhD

VP of RAN Technology and

Strategy, Senior Fellow

Chief Technology and Strategy Office (CTSO)

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Kamakshi Sridhar is VP of RAN Technology and Strategy and Senior Fellow in Mavenir Chief Technology and Strategy Office (CTSO) where she leads 5G Open RAN, 6G and select Packet Core initiatives in network performance optimization, AI/ML and GenAI, energy savings and network slicing. Kamakshi engages with PLM, Systems Engineering and Account Teams and explores various external partnership opportunities to bring differentiated features to RAN products. She is the lead author of 60+ US patents and several industry whitepapers and has a Ph.D from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.