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Private 5G Strengthening the Industrial Pillar

Caroline Chan at Intel, Shamik Mishra at Capgemini Engineering, and Raymond Pao at HTC G REIGNS

Oct 25 2023 | 62 mins

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Join us for an upcoming webinar that explores the impact of 5G technology on the manufacturing industry. Capgemini, Intel, and HTC will delve into their collaboration on a Private 5G blueprint that supports the next Industrial Revolution. The future of production is intelligent, flexible, and autonomous, relying on data and human input. The experts share various use cases and industry stories to demonstrate how enterprises are shifting towards Artificial Intelligence and Edge native software. The convergence of IT and OT through 5G and Edge Computing is key to this transformation. We will also discuss how to minimize risk when adopting 5G across the industrial operations lifecycle. Join us to gain insight into the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and how sustainability is behind every thought and design.


- Ashish Yadav: Head of Strategic Partnership Alliances and Technical Product Marketing at Capgemini Engineering


- Caroline Chan, VP of Network and Edge Group & General Manager of Network Business Incubator Division at Intel

- Shamik Mishra: VP and CTO of Connectivity at Capgemini Engineering

- Raymond Pao: Head of Business Development for Private Networks at HTC G REIGNS