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Technologies for Lowering the TCO for Open RAN and Edge

Feb 20 2024 | 49 mins

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New technologies will change the economics of Open RAN. This webinar explores how hardware and software technologies from Intel and Rakuten Symphony that will significantly reduce ORAN’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by integrating Intel’s embedded acceleration with efficient Cloud Native platform and automation platform. Join us for key insights into cutting edge technologies that promise to enhance network performance and cost efficiency in ORAN deployment.

Presenter: Mehran Hadipour, VP of Global R&D, Rakuten Symphony

Mehran leads alliances at Unified Cloud BU at Rakuten Symphony and is responsible for industry Partnerships and Alliance strategy. A respected industry veteran, who is passionate about driving business success through alliances and win-win partnerships, Mehran brings to the table years of experience in executing and driving change at major infrastructure and Enterprise software players such as EMC and IBM as well as at several Silicon Valley-based startups and high technology firms. Earlier, Mehran was Director of Global Business Development at Boston-based Zerto Inc, an enterprise level IT Resiliency Platform. Before that, Mehran was Director of Sales at EMC and Director of Business Development at Kashya. He holds an MSCE degree from Syracuse University and an MBA.


Mehran Hadipour, VP of Global Business Development and Alliances, Rakuten Symphony