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Why Edge & AI

Shane Engle, HCLTech; Renu Navale, Intel; Shawn Sweeney, Intel

Aug 18 2021 | 44 mins

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There is so much talk about AI and Edge, but why does it really matter? The explosion of cloud services has driven the headlines of IT and Technology news over the last 5 years. Now that everyone has made use of these services it is clear to see that in some ways cloud has enabled transformation and in other ways it has become expensive, it is less secure and it has network latency that keeps us from capturing the full value. Edge and AI work together to solve these problems by putting the compute power much closer to the place where the action is happening. Please join us for a discussion about how Edge and AI will transform manufacturing industries, and other industries that choose to embrace it.

- Shane Engle, Executive Go-to-Market Expert​, HCLTech
- Renu Navale, VP, Data Platforms Group General Manager, Intel
- Moderator: Shawn Sweeney, Business Development: Re-Imagineering the Edge, Intel