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Official Rules for the Verizon® - Intel® Network Builders Innovation Contest

These Official Rules ("Rules") govern the Verizon® and Intel® Network Builders Network Innovation Contest ("Contest") and set out the terms and conditions between Verizon Corporate Services Group , Inc. and their affiliates ("Verizon"), Intel Corporation and their affiliates ( "Intel," and collectively ("Sponsor," or "us/we"), on the one hand, and each participant ("Participant," "Entrant" "Company" or "you"), on the other hand. A submission to this Contest constitutes your acceptance of these Rules. Sponsor will be collecting personal information in accordance with its privacy policy. See Intel's privacy policy at https://www.intel.com/sites/corporate/privacy.htm?iid=ftr+privacy and Verizon’s privacy policy at https://www.verizon.com/about/privacy/full-privacy-policy for details regarding Sponsor’s information collection practices in connection with a Contest.

1. Eligibility:

The Contest is open only to companies (each a "Company," or "Entrant") that are ecosystem partner members of the Intel Network Builders Program ("INBP") and are corporate residents of the United States. Each Company will select a representative ("Contest Representative") who will enter the Contest on behalf of that Company. The Contest Representative and all Company participants must be 18 years of age or older. Employees, officers and representatives (and members of their immediate families and those living in the same household of each) of Sponsor, INBP, their parents, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, advertising and promotion agencies and any company involved in the design, execution, production or judging of this promotion ("Contest Entities") are ineligible. Void where prohibited.

2. Submission Entry Periods:

The Contest begins on August 29, 2016 at 6:00:00 p.m. Pacific Time ("PT") and ends on November 18, 2016 at 6:00:00 p.m. PT (the "Contest Period") and consists of the following Phases as set forth in the chart below.

Submission Phases Starts at 6:00 p.m. PT Ends at 6:00 p.m. PT
Phase 1 August 29, 2016 September 26, 2016
Phase 2 October 24, 2016 November 18, 2016

Judging Phases Starts Approximate Notification Date
Phase 1 September 27, 2016 October 5, 2016
Phase 2 November 21, 2016 November 30, 2016

Sponsor’s computer is the official time-keeping device for the Contest.

3. How to Enter:

Phase 1. To enter this Contest, visit https://networkbuilders.intel.com/verizon-intel-network-builders-innovation-contest during the Phase 1 Submission Period and follow the instructions to submit one (1) Phase 1 Submission (defined below) per Contest Category (defined below) per Company. You will be required to provide the following information in the English language: (1) Company name, (2) name and email address of Company Representative, (3) a four (4) page (maximum) solution overview ("Overview") using twelve (12) point Times New Roman font, single spaced, with 0.5" margins (min) in PDF format that concisely describes:

a) Abstract of the idea
b) Overview of the solution
c) Description of the Use-Case
d) Diagram of the architecture
e) Description of the technologies used

and (4) a two (2) minute video ("Video") in MPEG-4 or QuickTime format describing your network innovation solution in one or more of the following two (2) categories ("Category" or "Categories"):

1. Analytics in a virtualized network infrastructure

  • Background:
    • In today's world, there is zero tolerance to any network downtime. Although we have several services around rapid disaster recovery situations, wouldn’t it help if we were to predict these disasters from happening in the first place?
    • Using Predictive Network Analytics in the virtual world can help identify and prevent such networking problems, thereby providing an enhanced networking experience to the end users.

The challenge: Develop an analytics solution to improve the network experience.

2. Low latency in a virtualized network infrastructure

  • Background:
    • NFV is the catalyst for network transformation and changes the paradigm for new service delivery. Achieving low latency with NFV based solutions is paramount to deliver quality of service.
    • The challenge: Develop a solution with focus on low latency network optimization

Completion of the registration requirements and submission of the Overview and Video constitutes one (1) Phase 1 Submission. Each Entry (defined below) will be required to use Intel Architecture, but may use other ingredient technologies, including Intel technologies, subject to the Submission Requirements in Section 4 and Sections 6 and 7. Each Company may submit one (1) Phase 1 Submission per Category. If multiple submissions are made by the same Company in either Category, the first (1st) submission is the one that will be judged. A Submission that contains an Overview with more than four (4) pages, contains a Video longer than two (2) minutes, or that is not submitted during the Phase I Submission Period set forth in Section 2 will not be accepted. From all of the Entries submitted in Phase I, a panel of industry experts, including, for example, representatives from Intel, Verizon and academia ("Judges"), will select three (3) Finalists ("Finalists") in each Category to participate in Phase 2 based on the judging criteria ("Judging Criteria") set forth in Section 5. Finalists will be notified on or about Oct 10, 2016. Failure to respond in the time set forth in the notification may result in disqualification and, in the Sponsor’s sole discretion, selection of an alternative finalist.

Phase 1. If selected to participate in Phase 2 of the Contest, the Contest Representative will be required to: (1) complete the Verizon NDA submission process, including the execution of any necessary confidentiality and non-disclosure documents, (2) commence the integration of its Company’s solution into the Verizon Cloud Platform in the Verizon Network Visionaries Lab on October 24, 2016; and (3) present/demonstrate its Company’s solution in the Verizon Network Visionaries Lab on November 18, 2016 (collectively "Development").

The winning Entry must use Intel Architecture and may use programming aid, tools and ingredient technologies (together "Tools") for development of their solution, including Tools not created by the Entrant, provided that the Entrant has rights in their solution and any Tools necessary to grant to Sponsor the rights set forth in these Rules. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any Entry, including a winning Entry that is unable, at any time, to meet this requirement, and select an alternative potential winner.

All materials submitted by a Company for each Phase of the Contest are referred to as a "Submission." All Submissions, at whatever Phase of the Contest, are referred to as an Entry. Entries that do not contain the minimum requirements for a specific Phase may be disqualified in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. By submitting and uploading a Submission, you agree and understand that your Submission conforms to the Submission Requirements set forth in Section 4 and that Sponsor, in its sole discretion, may remove your Submission and disqualify you from the Contest if it believes that your Submission fails to conform to the Submission Requirements provided below. The Contest Representative will be responsible for all matters pertaining to its Entry (as defined in Section 6 below).

You may withdraw any one or more Entries at any time by notifying Sponsor. If an Entry is withdrawn, your right to win a prize is terminated.

4. Submission Requirements:

All Submissions submitted by Entrant must comply with the following Submission Requirements:

  • You own or otherwise have all rights necessary for you to provide your Submission and grant to Sponsor the rights described within these Official Rules;
  • The Submission must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including without limitation, privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights infringement;
  • The Submission must be original, may not have been previously published and may not have won previous awards.
  • The Submission must not contain any Sponsor or third party brand names, logos, trademarks or any copyrighted components (other than those owned by the Entrant or credits required by any licensing agreements);
  • Entrant must have permission from all individuals that appear in videos or photos included as part of the Submissions (if any) to use their name and likeness and to grant the rights set forth herein;
  • The Submission must not contain any viruses, worms, spy ware, or other components or instructions that are malicious, deceptive, or designed to limit or harm the functionality of a computer;
  • The Submission must not defame, represent or contain disparaging remarks about Sponsor or its products or services, or other people, products or companies;
  • The Submission must not in any way violate any applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations;
  • The Submission must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, or tortuous;
  • The Submission must not be sexually explicit or suggestive, profane or pornographic; cannot promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing), any activities that appear unsafe or dangerous or any political agenda or message;
  • The Submission must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; and
  • The Submission must not communicate message or images inconsistent with the positive messages and goodwill to which Sponsor wishes to associate.

5. Judging and Selection:

Phase 1: The Judges will select up to three (3) Finalists in each Category from all eligible Phase 1 Submissions based on the following Judging Criteria:

  1. Innovation – Is this solution innovative? What makes it different or unique? Does it address an industry pain point that is faced by the operators/service providers? Weight = 25 points
  2. Intel technologies implementation – How are Intel technologies used to implement the solution? Weight = 25 points
  3. Meets Verizon requirements – Does it meet the Verizon Cloud Platform (VCP) requirements? Does it meet the Verizon SDN-NFV Reference Architecture? Weight = 25 points
  4. Utilizes Web-scale & micro-release design principles – Does it utilize web-scale design principles? Does it utilize micro-release design principles? Weight = 25 points

In the event of a tie, the tied Entrant who’s Phase 1 Submission received the highest score, first for Judging Criteria # 1, then, if still tied Judging Criteria #2, then, if still tied, Judging Criteria #3, and then, if still tied, Judging Criteria #4, as determined by the Judges, in their sole discretion, will be deemed the applicable Finalist. Sponsor reserves the right to select fewer than three Finalists, if, in its sole discretion, it does not receive a sufficient number of qualified Submissions. Limit: Each Entrant may only qualify for one (1) Finalist position in each Category.

Phase 2: From the Phase 1 Finalists in each Category, the Judges will select one (1) Winner in each Category from all eligible Phase 2 Submissions based on the following Judging Criteria that will be used to score the Developments by the Finalists during the Phase 2 Judging Period:

  1. Presentation – Does the presentation clearly describe what the proposed solution is? Does the presentation detail how the solution has been implemented in the Verizon Network Visionaries Lab? Weight = 25 points
  2. Demonstration – Is the solution demonstrated successfully? Does the demonstration clearly show the benefits the solution provides? Weight = 25 points
  3. Implementation – Is the solution demonstration a unique and innovative implementation approach? Weight = 25 points
  4. Implementable – Can this solution be implemented? Can this solution be developed and made commercially available? Is there a significant amount of additional development work required? Weight = 25 points

The Finalist that receives the highest score in each Category will be deemed the Grand Prize Winner of the applicable Category. In the event of a tie, the tied Finalist whose Phase 2 Submission received the highest score, first for Judging Criteria # 1, then, if still tied Judging Criteria #2, then, if still tied, Judging Criteria #3, and then, if still tied, Judging Criteria #4, as determined by the Judges, in their sole discretion, will be deemed the applicable Grand Prize Winner. Limit: Each Finalist may only qualify for one (1) Grand Prize in each Category. Finalists will be notified on October 5, 2016. Finalists will be announced on October 10, 2016. Winners will be notified on or about November 30, 2016. Winners will be announced publicly on or about December 5, 2016.

6. Ownership and Publicity:

By providing an Entry, including a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Submissions, and all other materials submitted to Sponsor by Entrant (together "Entry"), Entrant hereby grants Sponsor a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide sub-licensable license, to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly perform and publicly display such Entry, in whole or in part (excluding source and object code), in any form, media or technology now known or later developed, solely for the purposes of promoting Sponsor’s products and services and promoting the Contest. Subject to the limited license grant in this Section, Entrant owns all intellectual property rights in and to the Entrant’s work submitted for this Contest, and the underlying application source and object code and/or related code and document, subject to any licenses in pre-existing materials owned by Sponsor or third parties that were licensed to Entrant for the Contest. If requested, Entrant will sign any documentation that may be required for Sponsor or its designees to fully exploit the above-referenced license grant in the Entry from Entrant. Except where legally prohibited, Entrant grants (and agrees to confirm this grant in writing upon request) permission to Sponsor and those acting under its authority the right to the use of name, picture, likeness, voice, biographical information and statements of the Entrant, the Contest Representative and any other employee, officer or representative of Company associated with the Contest or the Entry, including the Company’s name and logo, for advertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes without additional compensation, in all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide and on the Internet and World Wide Web, without additional notice to, review or approval by Entrant, unless prohibited by applicable laws.

7. Participant Warranties:

By submitting an entry you warrant that you have the authority to submit this Entry on behalf of your Company and bind your Company in all matters related to your Entry and that your Entry:

  • is the original work of the Company on behalf of which the Entry is submitted;
  • has not been previously published outside of the Contest;
  • does not contain any content that infringes on any third party Intellectual Property (IP) rights, and that the Entrant owns or otherwise has all rights in the Submission, including any and all intellectual property rights, necessary to grant to Sponsor the rights granted by the Entrant in these Rules;
  • does not disclose any information which would constitute a violation of a confidentiality obligation;
  • does not contain any viruses, worms, spy ware, or other components or instructions that are malicious, deceptive, or designed to limit or harm the functionality of a computer;
  • is not subject to any agreement that would conflict with your obligations under these Rules; and
  • is not subject to license terms that require any software or documentation incorporating or being derived from your contributions to be licensed to others.

8. Prizes:

One (1) Grand Prize in each of the two (2) Categories. Each Grand Prize consists of the following:

  • One (1) demo opportunity at a Network Builder event in 2017. Event, demo size, specs, and location at event are to be determined by Sponsor. Winner is responsible for providing the equipment and staff, travel and any other costs associated with the demo.
  • One (1) Webinar featuring winner discussing its Company’s solution and offerings, to be held in 2017.
  • Winner’s participation in one (1) episode of the Intel Chip Chat podcast show, the timing of which will be in Sponsor’s sole discretion.
  • Prominent announcement of the Contest Winner in connection with Intel Network Builders, including newsletter, website, and social media outreach.

Approximate Retail Value ("ARV"): $25,000 USD

Limit of one Prize per Category. Winners will be notified via email and/or phone on or about November 30, 2016. If, after three (3) days of the second notification to the winner, no acknowledgement or response is received, the prize is forfeited, and Sponsor may select another potential winner, in its sole discretion.

The winner may be required to complete an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability/Publicity Release (unless prohibited by law). The Affidavit and the Release must be returned within five (5) days of receipt of these documents. Non-compliance with any of these requirements may result in disqualification, in which case an alternate winner may be chosen.

Substitution or transfer of Prizes is not allowed, and Prizes may not be redeemed for cash. If a Prize becomes unavailable or is prohibited by law, Sponsor may at its sole discretion award a substitute prize of equal or greater value. The winner accepts responsibility for all federal, state and local taxes and fees in connection with the prizes.

Apart from prizes offered as part of the Contest, no monetary compensation will be paid for any of your Contest Submissions. Intel is not responsible for Contest entries not received due to lost, failed, delayed or interrupted connections or miscommunications, or other electronic malfunctions. Sponsoris not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry information, whether caused by you or any other persons or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the contest.

COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATION: Sponsor is committed to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and ethics rules. This notice is intended to ensure that your participation in this Contest will not violate any such laws, regulations, policies, or rules. Sponsor seeks no promises or favoritism for itself or any of its affiliates in exchange for the opportunity to participate in the Contest.  By entering the Contest, (i) you agree that your participation in the Contest – including your acceptance of any potential prize – will not violate any law, regulation, policy, or rule of your country, state, or government agency; and (ii) you certify that any potential prize is not in exchange for an agreement to influence a recent, pending, or anticipated act or decision that may result in Sponsor obtaining or retaining business or a business advantage.

9. Sponsor’s Warranties and Disclaimers: Sponsor does not provide any warranty on the prize, and winner should look solely to manufacturer for warranty. To the fullest extent allowable by law, Sponsor specifically disclaims any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the contest or the prizes including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance.

10. Release of Liability and Issues of Law: By participating, all Entrants release Sponsor, the INBP, their affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees, and all entities associated with the development and execution of this promotion from any and all liability with respect to and in any way arising from participating in this promotion, acceptance, or use of prizes. Entrants also agree that Sponsor, its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees, and all entities associated with the development and execution of this promotion are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to an entrant's or third person's computer related to or resulting from the Contest, the submission, and/or its prizes. Sponsor is not liable for damage to a user's computer system (including, without limitation, any server failure or lost, delayed, or corrupted data or other malfunction) due, either directly or indirectly, to an entrant's participation in the Contest or downloading of information in connection with the Contest. Sponsor reserves the right to modify or cancel the Contest in the event that any portion of any website used to administer any aspect of the Contest becomes technically corrupted.

Sponsor assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of entries. Sponsor is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or telephone lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail or entry to be received by Sponsor on account of technical problems, human error or traffic congestion on the internet or at any web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to participant's or any other person's computer relating to or resulting from participation in this contest or downloading any materials in this contest


Sponsor’s entire liability and your sole and exclusive remedy will be limited to a distribution of the equivalent amount of prizes as set forth above. By participating in the contest, you waive any and all rights to bring any claim or action related to such matters in any forum beyond one (1) year after the first occurrence of the kind of act, event, condition, or omission upon which the claim or action is based.

11. General Provisions: Sponsor may make changes to these Rules at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the Rules will be available at networkbuilders.intel.com/ contest. Contributing to the contest or accepting prizes will constitute acceptance of the revised rules. These Rules prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials

If, for reasons beyond Sponsor’s control (including, but not limited to, tampering or computer virus infection), the contest is not capable of running as originally planned, Sponsor, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel or modify the Contest, without liability. Sponsor will not be responsible for lost, late, misdirected, damaged, or illicit submissions, or for Internet, computer hardware and software, phone, and other technical errors, omissions malfunctions, and delays. Entries are void if they contain material typographical or other errors. All Entrants agree to comply fully with each provision in these Rules. Any person attempting to defraud or in any way tamper with this Contest and any person who does not comply with these Rules, will be ineligible for any prize(s) and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

12. For any feedback or questions regarding the contest or the prizes you can contact Intel by sending an email to challenge@networkbuilders.intel.com.

13. The Sponsors of this Contest are Intel Corporation and Verizon Corporate Services Group , Inc. The Contest is administered by the Intel Network Builders Program.