Intel® Network Builders Summit at The Big 5G Event

Rakuten Symphony Journey & Ecosystem Collaboration as a Key Enabler

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For their next upgrade MNOs have a critical choice: stick with the legacy network approach – costly, proprietary, closed ecosystems – or choose a new one that is cloud-based, agile, open and automated.

This new open approach to building networks might look risky to some but sticking to the status quo could saddle MNOs with a network that is too expensive and rigid for the next generation of telco. As we move into the future, flexible and simplified service deployments, spurred on by a growing ecosystem of innovative vendors, are the key to success. In this session, hear from CMO Geoff Hollingworth on how Rakuten Symphony is charting a new path with partners such as Intel to help MNOs become more competitive and more profitable.

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Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Rakuten Symphony