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911inform Location Discovery Solution

Safety legislation and compliance solution for your existing communications systems.

911 inform LDS

The easiest way to make sure your premises are compliant and safe.

A software-only solution

911inform’s LDS offering is an easily configured and deployed solution to Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act for premise based or hosted voice solutions.

Kari’s Law RAY BAUM’S Act

Enables your existing system to allow direct access to 911 without any access codes
Adds on-site notification that the call has occurred and from what station

Provides a “dispatchable location” (more specific than just the building address) to any 911 call made from the premises for:
PSAP/ECC (Public Safety Answering Point/Emergency Communications Center)
On-site personnel

An all-encompassing emergency system:

Integration into PBX or hosted voice platform.
Proactive monitoring of device movement through registration events.
Can utilize layer 3 network forensics where applicable as well as simple user validated inputs.
Any device location updates are realized in near real-time (no 24–48-hour lag time as seen with ANI-ALI).
MSAG Validation upon provisioning to ensure locations are valid and deliverable.
Does not require a DID per device due to the ability to dynamically update at the time of the call.
Customizable alerts for 911 and other emergency dialed digits.
Can be sent via text, email, screen-pop and broken out per building, campus, or organization-wide.
Additional 911inform capabilities such as digitized floorplans, cellular 911 alerts, and connected building controls can be layered on top


This document assumes that Intel Smart-Edge has been deployed with 911inform VM deployed with required software packages installed.

System Requirements
LTS version of Ubuntu
Latest versions of all relevant security packages and libraries

How can 911inform help?

Our goal is to save time, and possibly a life. 911inform was inspired after our founder was distraught over watching the news of another shooting in the U.S. What was disturbing was the fact that many of the fatalities could have been saved if it were not for the prolonged arrival time of emergency first-response teams to the scene. Due to many factors, the core reason was that first responders do not have the informative tools to gain a better grasp of the emergency at hand. When utilizing our connected building tools, we take the guesswork and struggle out of any emergency.

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